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First time scratch building a locomotive.

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I have done a lot more since I last was on here.

After getting the running plate done and valance, l started on the cab front and back made out of N/S 0.015in, I cut two pieces out to roughly the size I then soldered the two together, then used my marker pen and covered the one side, I then marked it out and the the windows, I used a piecing saw to cut the shape out and useing a smal drill for the windows and work up to a larger drill and finished of with a tapered broach the get to the right size and then slit the apart. Marked out the running plate for the front and back of the cab.

I used 0.015in N/S for the boiler, and the boiler is 21mm diameter I had to work out the width to cut. I then used my rolling bars till the two ends meet then soldered together then made up two end bits for ethere ends of the boiler, on one end I drilled a hole and soldered a 8ba nut for a 8ba bolt to temporarily attach to the cab front.  Then I cut a piece for the smokebox and wrap and soldered it around one end. I then used 0.010in brass for the top layer of the smokebox i punched a row of rivits down one end again wrapped in it around and soldered in place. I then made up a plate for the smokebox front that had to be shaped for the sandbox front.

Next was the tank, cab and bunker sides in which I made as one. I cut two bits on 0.015in N/S soldered them together blackened one side then marked out the sides including the tank fronts. I cut to shape, I had to solder a bit of N/S to go at the inside bottom of the the door way on one side peace to strengthen the side at the door way as it was a bit to thin at the top. I then slit the two sides and soldered another bit of N/S at the bottom of the door way. I then mark the tank front and scored then bend to shape and cut out to round the boiler.          



The cab and front still soldered together waiting to be slit



The cab back in place with the cab front to be soldered. 



The cab front and back in place 



The boiler temporarily in place with the bolt holding the cab end 



The first boiler band in place.



The plate at the front in place.



The second smokebox wrap in place with the rights down one side.



The bogie arrangement with a spring at the bake.



The pick ups



Tat cab sides to be marked and cut.



The two sides still together as one all cut to shape waiting to be split into two sides.



The two sides ready to solder in place. 


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2 hours ago, Michael Edge said:

You've done well rolling the boiler from .015" n/s, I use .010" brass for boilers, I find n/s doesn't roll nearly as well.

Hi Michael.   I have the GW models rolling bars. I just adjust the bars little at a time and let it roll off the roller at each end, roll it back on then a just it a little.   

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12 hours ago, mudmagnet said:

Looking great Ray and as I said earlier when we spoke, 'you've done well with this kit'!



Yes it's a kit from bits of nothing but sheets of N/S and Brass and marking out, cutting out the shaps soldering them together. Yes it's a different type of kit it called scratch building. 

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On 02/12/2020 at 21:11, RAY NORWOOD said:

I am sure I haven't done this before Doilum. I have built a few brass kits, the Simon Bolton books have helped me. 

You're welcome Ray. That's a fantastic build!

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M7 Scratch Build update.

I soldered the sides on that I made earlier. I then made up the back of the coal bunker, it's got that curl at the top, I made that by scoring the metal every 1mm from top down to approx 4mm, then I used a 3mm drill and the top of the metal in a vice and bend the metal to shape so it fits in the curve then soldered in place. Next step is the top of the tanks I cut them out of 0.015in N/S soldered the two together and filled to size I then split them up and soldered them in place. Next I made up the hand rails, I marked out the hand rails knobs and drilled the holes glued the knobs in place. The rail I used 0.40 N/S wire, I always have a job with the front of the hand rails to get the bends in the right place, thread two hand rails knobs that go to the front and thread the two sides into the side rail knobs, then glue the two rail knobs into the holes on the front of the smokebox. 

That's the game of play at the moment.       





The two sides in place



The back of the bunker in place and the tank tops.



The hand rail in place



The hole in the boiler at the front of the tanks is for the clack valves. 

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