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GWR workshops like at didcot.

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I would like to build a workshop like the one at didcot I believe other places like banbury had the same. Its the loan act workshop I would like but my scratch building probably isn't up to it so I was wondering if there is any companys that take on commissions or could make me one maybe lazer cut? 


Thanks for your time 


Regards Neil 

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The Didcot loco shed is a Loan Act shed, built with money from the govt in the 1920’s. Townstreet Models do a finished one. They do both OO and O size I believe.


Scale scenes also have a two road shed that can be printed as many times as you like for one purchase, their stuff is really good and easy to make bigger.


York Modelmaking do bespoke laser work. 



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Timbertracks did both 7mm and 4mm laser cut versions of both 2 and 4 road sheds. Brian is retiring so not much left in stock. He was also going to make a model of the lifting shop (behind the shed at Didcot with adjoining modern workshop), but this didn’t materialise. I used  2 x 2 road sheds end to end and one of his coaling stages. Excellent models 

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