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Warwick Road Goods in 00sf

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An idea I've had for a long time is to model a bit of the West London Line. Being a Fulham lad the line skirts the eastern boundary of Fulham. I've been fascinated by the huge warehouse alongside the line where it crosses under the Cromwell Road, the main A4 out of London.


Several people have done variants of Addison Road/Kensington Olympia and other bits but not the bit between Kensington High Street and Warwick Road..The line provides opportunities to run stock and locos from every region, including London transport and with some modeller's licence I've assumed the link to the Hammersmith & City at Latimer Road was re-instated after WW2, maybe the link to Shepherds Bush and Richmond didn't close in 1960, and the third rail from Clapham Junction was laid a lot earlier. The track wasn't rationalised and wagon load traffic is buoyant and Tescos didn't buy the goods yard site. I use 00sf as I have a lot of 00 stock and tried the 00 fine scale but that meant pushing wheels out to a wider bak-to back. too much trouble, so converted to 00sf and everything runs fine and it looks right in my eyes.


It turns out there's a bit of family history with the line too. The furniture warehouse was a depository for Whiteleys, the Bayswater store. It's been there since the 180ss and I discovered my paternal grandfather was a carter at Whiteleys delivering furniture on his horse-drawn cart in the 1890s. Luckily I have use of a railway room where I live with my partner Lisa who is also interested in railway modelling! There's just about enough room (24' x 11') to do a slightly shortened version of the section I'd like to model. So I set to work with Templot and with a lot of help from Martin Wynn he kindly downloaded the NLS map of the area and gave me guidance as to how to get it to load and run on my macbook.


Once that had been sorted, it took about 5 hours to do a rough version of the scale track plan. When I can work out what format I can use to export from Templot to here I'll copy it across. 

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