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Pre Tops BR Blue Western Region Class 37s

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At risk of thread drift, the tinted/polarised widscreens referred to by Mike and Fat Controller above, an effect I remember so well on locos rounding the Langstone Rock, shows up in this link to a slide of a Western on ebay - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PHOTO-CLASS-52-WESTERN-PREFECT-D1066-AT-FROUDS-LANE-8TH-NOV-1974-/224155218293


And 1557 further along the sea wall.





Best regards


Matt W

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It would appear that the WR's 6875-92 batch went blue before their 69xx locos, but being older perhaps this was to be expected.

However this doesn't explain D6937 (blue in March 67 - believed to be the first blue

37 (and transferred to Scotland not long after) - or D6992. But then, I can't explain D1932 either!

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1 hour ago, Clarky1000 said:

Lovely pic of 6891


I used to live in Risca, - just a little further on towards Newport


Empties goung down the valley from Ebbw Vale, but I'll bet she sounded good!


She looks ex-Works!



The loco has aged better than the cars and the 'bus, I fear. 

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