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Some model railway magazines came yesterday and one of the layouts in the October issue of Model Rail magazine gave me inspiration. The layout, called Winkle's Yard, shares something in common with my layout: It's OO gauge and depicts a goods yard during in the 1970s. The track was partially embedded in inset track and the rest was ballasted with grass in-between. As I probably don't have enough cereal boxes for the inset track, this could be an alternative. 


Watch this space...

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I spent the whole day yesterday working on the inset track. There are a few gaps but it doesn't matter as it will be covered by more layers of card. I have three more layers to put on until it is level with the track. This morning I measured the gap between the tracks and marked it out on card. I have cut out three strips so far and still have a bit of a way to go. 





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Nothing wrong with changing your mind, just try not to do it too often or you'll never build a layout! :D


Something to remember when laying inset track - older Hornby rolling stock, especially things like the 0-4-0 shunters I've seen you using, have fairly narrow gap between the wheel backs - narrower than you might think. Since you say you've taken it up, before you glue the inset back between the rails check it fits between the wheels of the locos, or they won't run. I found that one out the hard way!

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11 hours ago, TechnicArrow said:

Since you say you've taken it up, before you glue the inset back between the rails check it fits between the wheels of the locos, or they won't run. I found that one out the hard way!


I measured the gap between the rails before making out and cutting the strips of card. The card meets up with the chairs that support the rails. 

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I began removing some card last night and did some more this morning. I did accidently rip a few holes in the board while removing it (I used a retractable blade) but these were quickly patched up. the space left will be covered with grass and the grounded van body or a signal box will go on the space.




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Several weeks have passed since the last two pics were posted. But progress hasn't stopped on the layout. What follows are several pics of the last few weeks progress. Enjoy...





More layers of card were added to make the inset track level with the warehouse. Space was left out for the buffers. 




The fence is from a ratio grounded coach kit. it was glued together and then cut accordingly to the measurements I took earlier.  




One half of the fence was positioned between the signalbox and the weighbridge. It was weighted down to aid sticking to the board. I also used several items to stop the fence from falling while it was drying...




...While the other half was stuck down from the weighbridge to the edge of the scenic end of the layout. The weighbridge building is, like the signalbox, a Metcalfe kit. they both came as free kits in different issues of Railway Modeller magazine.  the weighbridge itself is card from a cereal box that has been painted black. 




The loading gauge is from Hornby's Midland Flyer trainset, which I own. I used a brake van to make sure that the loading gauge was level with the track.





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14 hours ago, TechnicArrow said:

It's beginning to look like a proper yard with those buildings and fences, good work!

Thanks! Yes, it does now since the buildings and fences have been added. Still got a bit to do though i.e. ballasting, scatter, but it's slowly coming together. I hope to have it completed and operational this year if any issues don't occur first.

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I've made a flatbed wagon using an old Lima wagon chassis and several sleepers from the Ration grounded coach body kit. I know that one buffer is missing but I don't think it's  too much of a problem as I can weather it and give it that run down look.   Once finished, this will, hopefully, add some more variety to my rolling stock. 



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I have decided to shorten the width of the fiddle yard by a half. This will mean that I have the layout will take up less space. 


In the process of shortening the fiddleyard. 




The layout now that the width has been shortened.



The spare slab. This will be used to make a smaller layout in the bedroom.


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