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Rolling Stock for my retirement project - Bristol in 1970

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I'm planning on retiring in 3 or 4 years and adjourning to the loft.


Its 32' x 18' and I've planned out a layout based on a much reduced Bristol.


Bath Road Depot, Malago Vale Carriage Sidings, Bristol East Yard (much reduced in size) and a couple of the platforms at Temple Meads.


It will take me a long time to complete, but I've been building up the fleet for a long time, so I thought I'd start a thread!


Any and every comment is very welcome.

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It looks very ambitious and should keep you busy many years into retirement. 


A decent model of Bath Road depot from those days would be enough to keep me busy operationally. Trying to shunt East Sidings and have trains to/from Malago Vale might be a little frantic, especially if you try a summer Saturday.  I hope you have lots of friendly volunteers to man the controllers. 


Good luck with everything. 



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Thanks Jonny


It is ambitious, but to be honest I'm far more interested in building it than running it!


There would be a lot to do for just me, but I think each bit could just be operated in isolation


I've worked on the railways all my life and there are a few of my friends who have agreed to help.


............not least with the electrics!


I reckon 15 years and I'll have cracked it!!





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