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What's Inside a ZZA Snowplough?


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Apologies for the strange question, I've noticed the ZZA snowploughs have a door on each side and a window on the back.


Now I know the American Russell built snowploughs (or plows) had moveable wings on the side and a forward facing operators cabin but the ZZAs don't have this feature and the only window on them faces backwards towards the loco, so what is the purpose of the compartment and what's inside them?



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Hopefully this will answer some of the questions ? 






The 'Essentials'.



Tool Box and ladder below Air tank.






Looking forward to the sharp end. Note the Brake Release cords leading away from the Brake Cylinder.




Front cover removed from the Plough End showing the stowed Brake Pipe connection for the sharp end.




Attachment of the Towing Bar at the sharp end.



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3 minutes ago, Steven B said:

What are the yellow objects the shovels are stored behind used for?


It looks like with the checker-plate they're some form of height adjustable platform.


Steven B


I'm not sure now, the pictures I took were around 15 years ago during a routine UAT Exam for the Ploughs.

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