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Hornby/Lima Mark 3 Production (mainly buffets)

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I understand that Hornby only tooled two versions of their scale-length mark 3 coaches (excluding the new sliding-door ones):

  • 3-window buffet (TRUB/TRFB)
  • First Open / Standard Open (same bodyshell for both as per the real thing)


Lima produced at least the following:

  • TGS
  • First Open / Standard Open
  • SLE / SLEP (are these the same or different, and if the latter did Lima produce both?)


Did Lima also produce multiple types of buffet? When looking on Ebay for Merlin coaches, I've found some 3-window buffets (TRUB/TRFB) which are captioned as Lima products. However, when Hornby obtained Lima's tooling they started to produce 4-window RFM/TRSB/TRB mrk3 buffets. Did Lima produce these or did Hornby modify Lima's TRUB/TRFB tooling?


The reason I'm asking is that I'd like a 4-window buffet (TRB I think) and was wondering what liveries they have been produced in.

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