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Richard Pike

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Thought it was time that I would introduce my new layout.


I currently live in Singapore and wanted to build a layout, having limited available space I started thinking of a Depot style layout that I could display my stock. This got me thinking of my visits has a young boy to Westhouses Stabling point in Derbyshire, back in the late 70's. After a little research I realised I would require almost 28' of space to model the prototype, along with the fact, I do not possess a single BR Blue loco, I decided to build a condensed version of Westhouse under the modellers license that the depot as recently been reopened (The Original closed in 1985) as a new facility for Network Rail, with Blackwell sidings now used as an Engineering yard ( This is off layout, but allows me to run engineering trains through the layout section).


This is the first real layout I have ever built, so still learning, I crossed over from 20 years of aircraft modelling back to Railways a couple of years ago.


I would like to take this oportunity to thank all the members who have given me advice over the past few months.


















Finally, no refernce to Westhouses would be complete without a pair of Class 20's.




As you can see, work is still very much in progress, but I will try and post some pictures of latest progress over this weekend.


Thanks for viewing.



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What a superb looking layout Richard, great work. I especially like photo number 7 looking down the length of the layout.


Can we please have some more photos. I think you should get a pair of BR blue choppers as they would look rather nice passing by! biggrin.gif

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Firstly, many Thanks for everyones kind words and encouragement.


Just finished all the ballasting, at last, so thought I would give a few Loco' a run, hope you like the pictures.


General view of the depot.




Currently my favourite Loco, on hire to Network Rail, from the Class 14 Preservation Society, 14 029 working as depot pilot.




37 688 and 20 306 on to the depot headshunt about to Stable overnight after working an engineering train into Blackwell yard.






GBRF 66 725 and 73 141 on the headshunt about to leave for Whitemoor.




Another general view of the depot.



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Made good progress this week on the layout, managed to get Power to all the signals and also a reasonable amount of vegetation added to the scenery. A few more Photo's for you all to enjoy.


As Part of the Signaling work, 66135 heads a small engineering train within the blockade.








60049, a Westhouses regular is at the rear of the train.




While the blockade was in force, I ventured down to the main line to see what was around, first train was a Central Trains 150/1 with a Sheffield to Leicester service.




Shortly after the 150, 66623 followed working a Killoch - Ratcliffe Power Station train




Next train was an unidentified Freightliner 66 on a train of empty hoppers.




A visit to the depot revealed a rare chance to catch Celebrity 60', no 60040 and 60074 together.




Unusual visitor to Westhouse, 59206, awaits it's next duty.




66623 "Bill Bolsover" visiting the depot for Fuel before running back to Leeds Midland Road.




Unidentified Class 66 coming into Blackwell Engineers yard.




14029 bringing in to the depot a crippled Freightliner FEA-S.



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Hi Richard,


First time I have come accross your layout but I'm glad I have found it as it is stunning. I really like the multi-level setting with the mainlines raised with the well blended scenery and backscene behind. Your depot building is also very good and I see you have a similar interest in motive power to me as well with not only the 60's but the DRS motive power. Your network rail DMU looks interesting as well could we se some more of that when you have a chance and how did you do it?


Will enjoy following your progress from now on,




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Good Evening

i live about 1 mile away from the site of what was westhouses shed ( sadly now an open cast colliery sight) and i must say this layout looks fantastic, excellent scenery and track work, i model the 1960s and i would love to model westhouses in the 1960s but what a sight it would of been if westhouses would of survived to the present day

what a great idea to model this

fantastic credit to you mate

well done




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Nice looking layout and the latest updates with the scenery in place are great.


Some superb photos of the locos as well, any chance of some videos as well ?


Keep up the good work :)




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