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6 hours ago, Phil Parker said:


Interesting - I think that side was a woodyard, but almost certainly changed hands many times.

Cheers Phil,


I was looking at Google Earth today and noticed that the car lot is now a car park.  I think they were called Selly Oak Motors and the still operate out of the area - a little further up from Heeley Road on the other side.  They had this ruddy great dog they’d let out at night.  He frightened the crap out of me when I first saw him, but he turned out to be a big softy with me in the end.  They’d let me park up the cars that had been out on demo runs during the day - that was a real treat!  The dog would growl if anyone came near the fence and saved me an awful lot of footwork during the night.


Funny how life twists and turns though -  I got a permanent job at a fantastic place called The Bond in Digbeth shortly afterward (through the same security firm).  During my ten years there I went back to Birmingham Uni and did an adult Degree so I found myself on the other side of that fence for a while as so to speak!



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42 minutes ago, Phil Parker said:

It's a building site now:




If you want to follow my build of the area, it's on my blog: http://philsworkbench.blogspot.com/search/label/selly oak   with occasional appearances in BRM.

Wow, what a great shot!  Nothing ever stays the same forever.  I’ve been away for 16 years now and the area has changed so much in that time.  Nice to see the railway hasn’t though.  Thanks for the link too - I’ve had a quick look and the layout looks fantastic.  Loved the attention to detail especially with the bridge, arch and walls.  Brilliant job.

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