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N Gauge 40ft hc Reefers

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some more pics , we hope you can see all the prints that have gone into this model.


we know they are just containers but they are the an everyday site on the railway and are the private owner wagon of today.


Regards Arran



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An excellent choice - I particularly like the P&O example. Nice touch having the two different refrigeration gubbins; Daikin and Thermo King - probably could have gotten away with some generic representation and no one would have been any the wiser! I’ll certainly be in for a few of these :yes:

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Got a bit of of a question on real life operations of these reefer containers.... if loaded on a 60ft wagon, ie, x1 40ft container and x1 20ft container, I presume the refrigerator end would have to face outwards at the wagon end, rather than be adjacent to the 20ft container, yes?.... I’m thinking that the chiller unit would need a free flow of air and being face-to-face with an adjacent container probably doesn’t provide sufficient airflow.


I have spent ages trying to find some photos illustrating this but Google is failing me....!

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