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Hi can anyone recommend anywhere that I can get a loco repaired. Sadly I sent away a new Hornby GW 288 to be chipped and weathered to a place in the USA and it came back to me because the guy couldn’t do it. 
when I got it back it more resembled another Hornby product an Airfix kit. 


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I believe Hornby do repairs, though it’ll cost you as even if this loco is new, the warranty will have been invalidated by our colonial cousin. 

Or, you could have a go yourself.  Assuming Paul Revere has not done any more than dismantle it, putting it back together is much less scary than it looks.  You should have the service sheet that came with the model, which is basically an exploded diagram, not to worry if you haven’t, they can be downloaded as PDFs free from Hornby.  Obviously, care is needed plus a few basic tools; plenty of guidance on this site.  

The alternative would be a model shop or competent friend that could do it for you.  

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