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Port Kittoch (N scale)

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I have started work on my first N scale shelf layout. The baseboard is from White Rose modelworks and measures 105x25 cm without fiddle yard.

  The imaginary location is a branchline terminus at a coastal village, Port Kittoch, on the Scottish east coast. Time period is the 50s-60s BR end of steam phase. Traffic will likely be two coach trains, perhaps a DMU and mixed local goods including a couple of Insulfish vans to serve the small fishing port. I have not been specific about the exact location on the East of Scotland, as I have taken inspiration from many locations, including Eyemouth, and various stations in Banff/Buchan. The station house is modelled on the one at the long gone Fort George station near Inverness. I have a very limited amount of rolling stock so far including a J-39 and old Grafar GP tank. In any case, this is a simple layout in which there is likely to be only one train on the layout at a time.

 I am interested in the cameo layout concept, and so the setting is as important as running operations.

The trackwork is all PECO code 55, and I plan to use wire in tube point operation from the rear of the layout, with SPDT switches to change frog polarity.

The baseboard incorporates a cut away section on the front to model a quayside, I took inspiration from a recent Chris Nevard layout in Model Rail.

I am scratchbuilding all the buildings for the layout, and already have a station building, signal box, station house and nearly complete goods shed. The bridge is a bought resin cast, which will provide the 'exit' to a yet to be constructed fiddle yard, potentially a cassette.

 Progress on the layout is slow, as I am a novice with electrics, and am trying to keep things simple.

Updates will follow.







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Some progress has been made with the tracklaying and wiring. This has been a steep learning curve for me being my first layout. Getting the hang of soldering took longer than I expected and can safely say it is not my favourite aspect of the hobby!

 Anyway, now that the track is mostly cut to length, it is beginning to resemble a layout. I have cut the tubes for point operation and fitted the first frog polarity switch. 

 More to follow.



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What a charming little layout, would love to see your buildings up close they look very interesting. 

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This looks very good. The trackplan reminds me of Steve Flint's 'Kyle of Tongue', with the addition of the quayside. I'd also like to see more about the buildings, love the rusty tin roof on the goods shed!

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Some progress has been made on the layout.


After much adjusting, the wiring and track laying is complete. The wire in tube points are all operational from their respective SPDT switches at the back of the layout.

 Track has been painted using enamels for the rails and acrylic for sleepers.


I've made a start to the harbour wall and have been levelling up the area of inset track at the goods shed using card and mountboard. I've purchased some Redutex N scale stone sets to finish this area.



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