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Will plasticine harden eventually?

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I need a medium/filler to infill between ready ballasted track edge and the baseboard which has a layer of thick (3mm) card over the board but not under the track, the idea is to give the impression the ballasted track is not so high, I thought of using plasticine and covering with glue and ballast/ground cover to blend in, but I have a feeling the plasticine might harden eventually, I would like to be able to lift the sectional track if needed (it is screwed to the board) so something that remains flexible would be easy to literally “dig out” and leave a clear area each side of the track if needed.


I’ve also thought of maybe a “decorators filler” which states flexible, but will it remain so?


Any ideas?


These are the areas I refer to, not very big so not much filler required.42BB6A67-BA56-483C-A6D1-338B638F6B41.jpeg.9f99e713a94bd628c11f9a0a8954e778.jpeg

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