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Can anybody identify this weird mystery test train please?

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I've hunted online for years and looked through books to find a picture of this train or any information on it but have failed. Does anyone know about it? May be in Waterloo station Toby from steam railway suggested. I kind of recognise the livery and coach type but I can't remember what the livery is either or the donor coach. 

Thank you.





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The photo is on Colin Marsden's site at 


saying September 1980 KP Nuts

I searched "kp nuts exhibition train" and found a Tim Dunn Twitter post from 2016 saying 1970 (typo?), which sent me to Marsden's page:


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5 hours ago, Ian Smeeton said:

A quick google of the image throws up three suggestions of the 'K P Nuts (!) Exhibition train'





Wow you are a genius. Thank you so much. I'd like to know more about that interesting end! And how you search an image? I didn't know it was possible.

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IIRC if using Chrome you right-click (or press-and-hold if on a phone or tablet), then select 'search Google for this image' or whatever it says.

This then brings up a Google image search which may or may not provide other images of the same scene (generally depends on how distinctive the image is)

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Good find. For searchability in future, railscot says it was called the KP Adventure Express, a term which brings up very few results on google, other than a badly scanned Financial Times article on archive.org, mentioning the creative mind behind the idea, one Gary Withers at Imagination Group (still going today as a creative company),


https://archive.org/stream/FinancialTimes1986UKEnglish/Mar 06 1986%2C Financial Times%2C %2329872%2C UK (en)_djvu.txt


When one year Imagination’s profit level threatened to fall short. Withers and Co toed: aim at United Biscuits as a likely target. It proposed taking a train around the country, offer- ing children rides and with each of the carriages designed around a different company product United Biscuits bought the Idea, tying it into an on-pack pro- motion for its snack brands. Seven weeks later, the “KP Adventure Express” left Marylo- bone Station

Edit: I guess "toed:" is an OCR scanning error for "took"

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toed: = took
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