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Locomotives used on the Cumbrian Coast route in the mid 60’s, both steam and diesel

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As much as I’m enjoying building my modern era layout based on Heckington with the help of some great friends, the layout was designed to be portable because I had originally planned to possibly take it on the exhibition circuit, so I’m now thinking of building second, more permanent layout and the Cumbrian Coast line springs to mind.  

As it’s supposed to be set between Barrow and Whitehaven, in the mid 60’s and I was wondering what loco’s (both steam and diesel) could be found working along the line.  Also, would anyone know what type of services they ran along the line or we’re passenger services now in the hands of DMU’s?

I assume because the last of steam could be found in the Cumbria area, black 5’s, 8f’s BR standards were the usual motive power?  As for diesels, the obvious one’s are Class 28’s Co-Bo’s and Class 25’s but would Class 17 Clayton’s run along the line as I’ve seen them on Carnforth, probably waiting for a steam loco to tow it away :P.


Any help would be most welcome.

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For diesels, you can  certainly have classes  08, 12, 17, 25, 28, 40 and 47, with class 31s appearing  in the 1970s.  As for steam, Black 5s, more Black 5s, 'Flying pig' 2-6-0 4MTs, 4Fs, 8Fs, even more Black 5s & Britannias  (other classes such as the last of the rebuilt FR 0-6-0s,  LYR 0-6-0s,  2Ps, 2-6-0 2MTs and various LMS 2-6-4Ts were seen on the Cumbrian coast until the mid-1950s). 


The Cumbrian coast line was very much run as two sections centred on Workington, with long-distance south-bound services (including to London) and north-bound local services to Carlisle, so when you factor in Barrow as well, you've got scope for some substantive passenger services, not to mention the heavy freight traffic (predominantly coal, steel, chemicals and early nuclear) that was still present in the 1960s.

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When I knew the area in 65-67, a lot of the interesting steam was actually inland, in places like Cleator Moor, Egremont, and Beckermet, (which of course were freight only by then) rather than on the coast line itself. But you could still get pulled by steam at least in 65, 66 - Black Five Seascale to Barrow sticks in my memory.

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