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IXO 1/43 BMC FG + IXO Ford Et6 Pickfords, Bedford OYD British Railways

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Having seen Giles of R/C conversion of 1/43 and 1/76 Diecast models fame and the IXO BMC FG he used to convert to R/C, I thought I would have a go.  I managed to find one on Ebay and had a go at converting it to a BRS version.


I have by no means the skillset of Giles to convert it to R/C so it is just a static model. As Giles has said in his RMweb threads and Youtube videos converting from L/H to R/H is relatively straight forward. I took his advice and primed the cab as he experienced problems with the original paint blistering when he over sprayed with Halffords car paint. I used Halfords white primer which worked OK. I masked the glazing with maskol which meant losing the black rubber seals to the windows but used a permanent marker to re-instate after painting.


Giles kindly produced the replacement timber body and irons which really look the part. I used Phoenix paints for the green and wheels. The timber planking I used Lifecolor wood effects and Revell anthracite for the tyres. Transfers were ones I found on Ebay.


I still have to fit some windscreen wipers, indicators  and wing mirrors as well as adding some light weathering but all in all I am quite pleased with the overall effect.


I couldn't find any colour pictures as examples of a BRS FG so used a Base toys picture for the colour scheme. Being originally LH drive there are some compromises on the model such as the fuel tank is on the wrong side and the number rear number plate needs sorting. 


Next I am having a go at the IXO Ford ET6.













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Pictures of the IXO Ford ET6


This was relatively straight forward as I purchased the 'gas' version which is already R/H drive, so just had to modify the bodywork and add some transfers. I was able to T Cut the existing lettering off quite easily.







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  • 70E changed the title to IXO 1/43 BMC FG + IXO Ford Et6

Nice models 70E, I am a big fan of the IXO models, yours have turned out really well. I used Giles' body irons on my Bedford TK and they are excellent, I am currently converting a Bedford TJ as well.

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Thanks Gents. I do agree - the Ixo and Altaya models have been an enormous boost to the modelling sphere. My original ET6 has now been chopped down to a flat bed to enable fork lift work




Whilst a stock ET6 was converted to a tipper.


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On 24/10/2020 at 14:51, 70E said:

I was able to T Cut the existing lettering off quite easily.

The ability to remove the lettering was another major plus for me with the TK as it saved me doing a full cab respray as the Bedford printing was rather nice on the cab



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Thank you 37114 for the compliments, your work too has inspired me to have a go. I had thought of purchasing the Altaya Bedford but wasn't sure what to do with it but your tipper conversion is look pzrticlulary good and I'm looking forward to seeing the completed model.


Owdbob has also inspired me and in fact seeing his conversion of the atlas/dinky coal truck it looked achievable so I thought that I would give it a go. see picture below, 


I have also managed to purchase another IXO ford North west gas truck for a reasonable price off of eBay and in doing so also saw an Ebro spar lorry, looking at the photos I though I could do a bit of mix and match to create a Pickfords lremoval lorry.


So the Ford cab being R/H drive has been transplanted onto the Ebro chassis as it already had red wheels. Its currently work in progress as I have had trouble spraying it, although I primed it, as well as rubbing down, the spar signage is still slightly raised and showing through the blue paint, also the phoenix/cherry paint was difficult to apply, more I think due to my air brush pulsating rather than a smooth spray.


So I am going to strip it all off and start again. I have managed to source some suitable waterslide transfers off of eBay so hopefully it will all work out ok.


I have also purchased an IXO Bedford OYD which I am going to change to British Railways similar to the Oxford Diecast version


all the best










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Looks like you have some good projects there Mark, the Dinky Bedford is a nice model and Owd Bob made a good job of it and the Ford D series (I ended up supplying the reg plates which I subsequently modified for my Bedford TK). Look forward to seeing the Pickfords van complete, have you got a layout to put them all on?

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  • 70E changed the title to IXO 1/43 BMC FG + IXO Ford Et6 Pickfords

Hi 37114


No layout yet, just in my head at the moment, hopefully will be able to make a start next year but it definitely have a parcels theme!?


I have made some progress with the Pickfords lorry. I did struggle with the main bodywork and cherry paints, not sure what it was. I stripped all back as well as I could and then primed it white (that was probably the mistake) as I had to spray quite a few coats to get the opacity, in hindsight I should have used grey perhaps.


As a consequence the paintwork isn't brilliant by any means but the transfers help disguise it a bit. Just some finishing off around the radiator grille and some touching uo here and there. 






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  • 70E changed the title to IXO 1/43 BMC FG + IXO Ford Et6 Pickfords, Bedford OYD British Railways

Almost finished the IXO Bedford OYD in BR livery just need to add indicators and some weathering.


 If the window glazing could have been removed easily it would have been better and easier to strip the cab paintwork off but they seem to be revitted in so I had to do some masking to get the two colours.


I used rail match enamels this time which were much easier to use.


Not so sure about the self -adhesive logo on the cab, I may look to replace it with a waterslide equivalent so that it sits better.


I just need to source some number plates for all of the models. I have enjoyed doing them although they have tested my patience and painting skills (not the best but improving) I am pleased with the end result if you dont look to closely!




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So much better than the usual out-of-the-box-but-out-of-scale 1/50 models often found on 'O' gauge layouts. Appropriate vehicles ARE out there, you just have to look for them. A bit of basic chopping and repainting produces a useful variety of vehicles and makes a layout so much more authentic. Well done.

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