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RhB cab ride films

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For anyone researching locations on the RhB, Fabio’s YouTube channel (Calandamountain) has some very useful clips. 

He’s recently posted a trip from Bergun    to Preda, which has been really useful for checking out locations on my Veja Megstra layout:


The films include captions about line speed limits and signalling from the driver’s perspective. 

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I must agree, they are great videos.  I have followed Fabio for a couple of years now.  He was originally simply active on Twitter, posting amongst many other things the odd couple of minutes of cab ride video.  I, and I suspect a number of others, often commented that he should start doing You Tube videos, and all of a sudden he did.  There are a couple of others who also do RhB cab rides and these include Lorrirocks777 who has a friend Paulo who publishes under Lorrirocks777's channel.  There is also another channel with a couple on - RBDe 560.   I think that between them they have covered the entire RhB.  

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