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Paybury - Southern Region Branch Line Terminus

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Nicely done, with a good sense of space, I like that.


Railway history is very interesting, there are many examples of stations built as a terminus, but then becoming a through station,  or vice versa. Sometimes the success of a new railway exceeded the wildest dreams of the promoters, but more often traffic never reached the predicted levels and the company had to sell out to the nearest larger company,



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Thanks for your kind words. Not a lot to update on other than the Platform Starter now works, I've (finally) started building a fiddle yard to go on the end and a brake van charter rocked up.


The fiddle yard is nothing spectacular, just a 3ft by 18", 4 roads. It is rather short but the great hand from the sky comes down to fiddle around and the most I'll be running in terms of train length is 2 or 3 coaches. 



Platform Starter now pulled off. The loading gauge on the left has since been hidden under static grass. The pot of PVA on the right there for that purpose. The wooden walkway over the signal box lead away is just those coffee stirrer stick things you get spray painted with Halfords camouflage paint. It's just held together with superglue, nothing special but does the trick.


Brake Van excursion seen through the hedge, maybe closure of the branch is approaching... The Station Master doesn't seem to mind burning money by having the station lighting on during the day, 'Paybury' was the first station on the branch from an imaginary place to receive electricity... 

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Some more progress this evening and some photos of a short branch line train, worked on the odd occasion by a redundant Drummond 700 that somehow made its way to the local steam shed.



Fiddle Yard, nothing spectacular but enough for short trains to be picked up and mixed around or a short rake of wagons. It has been wired up so that it can be extended in the future if needed.thumbnail_IMG_2838.jpg.01ee5d6f9a1723a2596b6f8b31a74d92.jpg

Looking the other way you can see the China Clay and Cornish test layout behind.


An O2 and the 700 at rest in the station.


Close up of the 700.

thumbnail_IMG_2844.jpg.067396e300dbc149f016edeb67674028.jpgLooking down 'Paybury' platform.


'Paybury' with a short freight in the goods siding, an O2 on shed (which needs real coal adding to it) and the short branch train which turned up with just the Maunsell coach and was being sent away with a Van C full of goods. The passenger traffic on the branch wasn't a great deal in these Winter months but in the Summer the branch was very busy with tourists exploring the local area, which includes the nearby but made up 'Paybury Castle' and boating lakes. 


Poking through the Engine Road, the sprayed up Dapol Water Tower can be seen as can the little Coal Stage (Skaledale one). Static grass needs a bit more doing to it here, and a good tidy up as it has scattered a bit too much over the place. Might replace it with a touch of hanging basket liner first.


I can't quite work out if I want 'Paybury' to actually be anywhere in terms of location in England, it is Southern Region, the buildings/detailing are a mix of S&D, North Cornwall, GWR and Kent and the traction can vary from a lost trio of Beattie Well Tanks trying to hunt down some China Clay to Bulleid Pacific 'Sir Keith Park' which apparently took a wrong turn at the junction with the branch!


The next stage is to fit the point motors (DCC Concepts Digital IP - what a fantastic motor) to the Fiddle Yard, give the track a deep clean as only the platform line is reliable at the moment where dirt has settled over the past few weeks then onwards to more detailing. I am in the process of arranging a different 'one piece' back scene as the join really has been bothering me. Watch this space. 


Hope you like!

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Little update, this time it's a replacement back scene. Since mentioning it the join between the clouds was really bothering me so on Tuesday evening after the last update here I set to work hunting for an image using Adobe Stock, I have a license to download imagery from there and not being a photographer or having a clue how to even get the right shot that seemed the best way to go about it. 


Several images were downloaded, tried and tested on Adobe InDesign and Photoshop where I'd created a template of 2750mm by 400mm which is a bit over length of the physical back scene by around 100mm to allow for error in my measuring! The back scene is mounted on 3mm MDF that's been curved around the main board frame. 


Once I'd settled on the image I sent it off to a local graphics and sign printing firm on Tuesday night. I had a quote back by Wednesday morning for £50 for one or £60 for two so airing on the side of caution I went for two prints (both are the same image) and by this morning it was printed and ready to collect. The image is a crystal laminate print which gives it a bit more protection than a normal matt laminate and stops creasing when you're applying it. It was also supplied trimmed to size so very little work for the craft knife. As it was self adhesive it was unrolled and I had it on within about 20 mins. To actually get it on I took the base boards apart for the first time since they were built and it made it far easier, the clouds I'd tried to do it with the boards in situ and it worked but wasn't fantastic.


I'm very pleased with the outcome and it has again added a bit more to this little build. The next task is to fit the tunnel portal at the end leading away to the fiddle yard, still need to fit the Cobolt motors to the points and then it's more detailing here and there just to finish it all up. 



The board dismantled with the old back scene. You can see clearly here how the curved MDF works. It is held into place by a fair few screws to ensure it remains firm. It is two sheets of 3mm MDF with a join in the middle. Getting that to fit was quite easy when it was done initially.


This is the new image rolled out and on the board, clothes pegs came in handy. 


I didn't take any photos after that until it was all back together so here we are all fitted and in place.


Another angle showing the end and the temporarily fitted tunnel mouth. This will be built up around using hanging basket liner and static grass to hide part of the image and bend it into the trees. The branch to 'Paybury' from both sides was on a ruling gradient of 1 in 60 so you ended up overlooking the valley below the station with various other towns and villages along with the hills in the distance. 


I'd never tried anything like this before, 'Paybury' is my first 'serious' attempt at modelling after trying lots of things out on the previous Cornwall one which is behind this one. I am very grateful to the fantastic articles in the magazines and simple explanations on Facebook that are out there from expert modellers, especially Chris Nevard's work. Nothing here is my own idea put it that way! 


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This weekends little projects on 'Paybury' were to add further detailing in the form of more static grass, flock, a bit of polyfibre and finally finish off the tunnel mouth leading into Paybury Tunnel. In the land of fiction it is 589yds long and drops down on 1 in 60 away from 'Paybury'.


Tunnel mouth, I didn't take any photos of the build up to this as it sort of just happened.


Now with the pub back on. The build up to it is made up of hanging basket liner, static grass, poly fibre, static grass then flock on top. The flock I have spread about over the goods shed to represent an uncared for building starting to be claimed by nature. Other bits pending hoovering off.


The goods shed with growth all over the end of it, this part of the line side really isn't cared for anymore. 


Some more flock was put on by the engine shed to see it to being reclaimed by nature. 


Goods siding overgrown these days. 


Sideways view onto the tunnel mouth. It is made up of three sections, each are resin. It was spray painted with Halfords primers, mainly red, to get the look it now has. 


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This looks terrific! It reminds me, in terms of scenic colouring, of the Chillingworth model railway which was in Hornby Mag some years ago now. Really nicely done! 


Perhaps a curved piece of black card to form a few inches of tunnel walling would help disguise the abrupt stop of the scene.




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Thank you for the kind words, it is appreciated! :smile_mini2: A minor alteration this afternoon, the new Scenecraft Provender Store was just the right size for a building to sit out the front of the station, it arrived earlier today so a bed of hanging basket liner was laid for it to sit on, a bit of static grass stuck on top followed later on by some flock. 


A rather nice model that fills a gap perfectly. 





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Another weekend with some spare time to do some further modelling on 'Paybury', this time it was adding more detail to the scenery and ensuring it all still worked.


Descriptions with the pictures. 



Beattie Well Tank ventured out as part of the testing, I use this as if it works everything else will! No issues other than a couple of solder joints had gone high resistance and a wire had come off the underside of the board but all resolved within about 15 mins and working again.


Station area overview, I've added a lot more scatter to the green areas behind the station and at the front.


The pub now has ivy growing up it and an overgrown but detailed back garden. The pub itself only uses this area for the odd drinker to stagger out, otherwise they tend to sit inside.


A tree and telegraph poles have sprung up through the dense overgrown bit of field that starts next to the engine shed.


Looking slightly the other way, a couple of wagons abandoned by the Beattie Well tank foul any chance of running round.


E4 on a mixed service train whilst the B4 sits and waits for when it needs to move some wagons next.


Looking along the platform, Dapol Starting Signal pulled off, you can see through the tunnel to the fiddle yard now. The sign as people have asked says 'Tunbridge Wells West', it was produced in 2017 as part of the Spa Valley Railway Summer Diesel Gala which I've organised since 2012 and I was given it at the end of the event. Seemed a suitable place for it to go!


Passengers waiting and a lonely bike on the platform, growth has overtaken the old bay platform, not used for over 20yrs now. Unless you looked for it you wouldn't see the sleepers still in the undergrowth.


Close up.


Looking back from the pub towards the station


B4 was called to shunt some trucks.


E4 waits departure.


And the sheep have escaped from the local farmers field and are running havoc outside the pub, the BR lorry driver has given up and gone inside for a pint! 



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You might be able to make it out although it is difficult to catch on camera, I've added some wires to the telegraph poles and cut off some of the insulators. It more than likely isn't accurate but then this isn't a real place and it's my own project so if I'm happy then it'll do. 


There is more to do on this front with wires going over to the station and signal box plus a pole or two thrown in for good measure. It adds a bit of height to the layout I think.


After this job is complete it is then to rebuild the level crossing which will happen later this week. It is otherwise for all intents and purposes 'done' bar very minor detailing. Might add another tree or two in but I'm not 100% sure really!



Bus blocking the road... The signal does work (red button) although isn't actually correct for a shunting movement it adds effect more than anything else. I'll probably edit the arm with an over print soon for an SR shunting one. 


Wire run, old insulators you can see sat on the ground, they're now in a box.


Close up of the telegraph poles, they're just off the shelf, the 'wire' is EZ wire.

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I absolutely love this layout. It captures that feel of southern branch lines in their final days . 
there is a lot to be said for small layouts such as this which in spite of their limited track plan can provide much operational interest. 
it’s easy to lose interest in a large layout which never seems to progress but with a small layout you can see it develope to completion . 
well done, this is one of my favourite layouts on this thread.!

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Thanks for the previous kind words, I hadn't really a lot of free time in December as I was dealing with 1:1 scale steam trains and their Santa services, curtailed early for reasons we've all become far too familiar with...


'Paybury' is more or less finished other than some minor detailing work and a replacement level crossing gate, which I have and just need to get around to installing. The layout will then move to 'bolt on' to the end of the other Southern Region layout I have although will remain portable should it ever go on a visit elsewhere. The fiddle yard will just be stored pending a time if it ever goes out on its own.


Some running of trains took place on Xmas Eve and Xmas Day with a couple of videos posted on the Facebook Page for 'Paybury Model Railway' which also includes photos of the build (most are already on here though). My other half purchased me a Bachmann C Class which fits in with the theme of 'Paybury'.


Enjoy the photos! :) 



Hornby's 700 shunting around, this has been the main 'test' loco throughout the project. 


Something rather large turned up working an off route Santa Special for the locals! It is Bulleid Pacific No. 34053 'Sir Keith Park'. The real one had not long passed its annual boiler exam prior to the 00 gauge version venturing out and was scheduled to operate between 28th December and 3rd January with a couple of firing turns for myself booked on it but alas that was not to be so the 1:76 version will have to do for now!


32636 shunting some off route GWR wagons.


A Hornby H Class complete with Pull/Push coaches arrived, there is a video of the arrival and departure on the Facebook page. Shortly after this the decoder inside it decided to malfunction so a replacement was duly fitted.


This years Xmas present from my other half, a Bachmann C Class, it spent around an hour running forwards and backwards on the circle test layout I have, a crank pin decided it didn't want to remain attached but a pair of pliers sorted this issue out. I know these have been around for a while now but it really seems to be a great model, it was paired up with one of the Birdcage coaches I have for this photo.


Another angle of the C Class. It'll be fitted with a decoder shortly, it was just posed for the photos. One day it might get sound if a suitable sound chip exists! 

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'Paybury' was moved from its usual location to inside where it was warm yesterday, this gave the opportunity to operate the layout which after a good clean of the track have no performance issues. The layout is DCC to allow for multiple locos to operate on the same small section at once, just because it is the end of a branch line doesn't mean you can't get three or four locos on there all at once!



Class 22 waits to carry on shunting.


Drummond 700 in the process of shunting, it'd just moved from the loco shed.


700, Class 22 and a B4 all engaged in shunting activities.


Long lost C Class has made its way over from Kent...


700 on shed.


B4 waiting in the siding behind the platform.


C Class dropping off a Van C.


C Class arriving with its Birdcage on a passenger working. 

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