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Ebay help please !

Peter Eaton

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To me at moment a massive headache !


any help & advice would be appreciated.


I have been using the Ebay web site for years.

yesterday the web site on my laptop has change its viewing arrangement (best I can describe}

Now looks like this :-     and no idea why or how to change this back to my normal viewing option.






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here has not worked - 

I am on talk talk

has done same to my phone also.


But on phone became alright away from house & on its Tesco network.


On the laptop no other sites I visit shows any changes

life could never be simple.




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The plot thickens

Lynn (Mrs Eaton) phone is EE & she gets the same problem in the house also.


Just switched the router on off.


Talk /Talk service not operation at this moment.


Off out & about with Dog & phone to see how it performs locally.


BIG thanks obviously for your help & advice so far.


Did not think I was so addicted to the Ebay site



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I had this and found the fix. Works for me anyway - since Saturday am. Scroll down a bit in the comments, quite a few report this works.




I'm with Virgin Media. Turned the child lock off as suggested in the above and it works fine. Some are suggesting Virgin Media (talk talk also mentioned) firewalls / child saftey filters do not like whatever ebay has done recently.


Hope this helps.



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I've had this and similar other page layout problems on Ebay (only) on Firefox. The problem(s) will appear on some pages and others can be OK, all on adjacent tabs in the same window. I have found that I don't get the problems in Opera, so use that instead.

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Hi all.

(been back at work & long night shifts last few days!) thus now much if any free time )


The problem as it seems sorted its self out

After this visiting (https://community.talktalk.co.uk/t5/Service-Status-Dashboard/bd-p/service) 

showed the line as then OK.

previously when first given above the service check was unavailable so believe there was problems on the line at that time.

though strange the only web page with issues was Ebay.


Perhaps thinking a good thing not visiting their site for a few days off.

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Also worth visiting http://isup.me


But generally if other sites are working okay, it's just ebay that's the problem so restarting routers and this and that are highly unlikely to change anything.


But I see you're using an older browser.


Microsoft changed their browser fairly recently to a Chromium based browser (the same one that Chrome by Google is built from).  "Edge" is the new name.

It might be worth looking at changing and getting used to the new browser sooner or later as all these old ones are getting less and less secure and websites will start not supporting them, which will also cause issues like the above.  Or they'll automatically forward you to the mobile website.

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