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Darstaed 63ft BR Mk1 Carflats

Ellis Clark Trains

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Afternoon All,

We're happy to announce another exclusive Darstaed project.

May I present to you, The BR 63ft Mk1 Carflats

This project is a little different to others, here's whats happening...

These 63ft BR Mk1 Carflats will be constructed from the Darstaed Mk1 Mainline coach chassis and newly tooled bogies, the remaining construction is taking place in-house at Ellis Clark Trains, with a very limited amount being produced.

The carflats will be available in 3 Liveries, including BR Bauxite, BR Blue & BR Blue ‘Motorail’ - all coming supplied with water slide transfers including a choice of running numbers.

Specs & Info...

Release Date: December 2020
Prices: £149 Each or 4 for £565

Diecast chassis/underframe
Newly tooled scale Mk1 bogies & wheels
Finely detailed etched brass sides/stanchions, professionally painted in house
Laser cut wood flooring - stained in house
Sprung buffers
Finescale wheels fitted
Capable of running on Peco 2nd radius curves (40.5")
BR Blue ‘Motorail’ - provided with Sprung Screwlink couplings
BR Blue/BR Bauxite - provided with sprung Interstanter couplings
Waterslide transfers supplied with a choice of running numbers

Some CAD images below, however sample pictures aren't far around the corner! 

All three variants are now available to pre-order through the website, over the phone or via email.

As always, no upfront payments or deposits are required






What do you all think?

All the best,

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17 hours ago, suomen said:

Hi Ellis,


It has been rather quiet regarding the carflats recently. Since December has passed without emerging carflats, is there a new delivery date?

Hi Frank,


I must admit - this is my fault.


I had been rather optimistic with the completion date of the carflats and in reality, it took quite a while longer to source parts, paint and build.


The other reason is that they we're far more popular than first envisaged, and I wanted to be able to fulfil all preorders at once, as a pose to in small lots.


The good news is that on Monday we are calling round all pre-orders! - so you've just beaten me to it :).


What we have left in stock should be going on the website on Wednesday.


All the best,


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Morning everyone,

Just a quick note to let you all know that the wooden ended carflats are now complete and in stock.

The metal ended 'Motorail' versions should be ready by the middle of next week.

We have a few people to ring round this morning and fulfil preorders, so if you have some on order but haven't yet had the call, fear not! .

All the best,

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Evening all,


Just a quick note to let everyone know that the 'Motorail' versions of the Carflats are now complete and in stock.


Neil has also been busy weathering up a small batch in an attempt to cater for demand.


We've got around 20 left in clean finish and 10 or so weathered, with a few held back in case we've missed any preorders.


With that in mind, if you have a preorder and we haven't yet been in touch, please call the office tomorrow :).


All the best,


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