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I’ve recently purchased a OO scale card kit by Prototype Models of Heckington, Lincolnshire station building which will go on my layout of the same name but based in the East Midlands Trains 2018/19 Time period.  I’ve had a look through the kit, read the instructions but I have to say, it terrifies me. 


One of my modelling friends who knows about my health issues has suggested that I use the kit as a guide and build the station out of styrene, so it I make a mistake, I can always start again on that section without ruining the card kit.  Can I ask, has anyone ever done this, is it practical and did the results come out better than expected?

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Prototype Models kits are from the jurassic era of railway modelling and, as such, don't fall together like Metcalfe or Superquick. Nonetheless, I remember my, to be honest not terribly talented, father successfully building several for our N gauge layout 45 years ago, so they can't be too bad. 


I concur that making some practice photocopies would be an excellent idea. I also seem to remember that the card on which the kits are printed is quite thin, and there's not much bracing in the design, so using the kit as an overlay for a more robust styrene or card structure also has merit. 

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I agree that you might want to photocopy or scan the kit.  You can then use the kit parts as a template to cut walls etc. out of more robust card.  To get a better model, as already suggested, think about Scalescenes techniques.   


I did a Prototype model of a LMS station many years ago.  I didn't have much experience at the time but I don't think it came out too badly.


Gluing paper to styrene might cause problems as the paper will absorb moisture and, of course, the plastic won't.  You could get warping.



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12 hours ago, sidmouth said:

I built a GWR signal box some time ago and it came out ok even allowing for my fatter fingers .looks lovely though

I to built this signal box for my layout, back in my school days came out all right ! Well as for how durable a card kit can be ? Despite house moves layout moves/changes it STILL exists, though it did lose a finial or two due to clumsy arms thankfully glue fixed that, 

 but I like the photo copy's stuck on plasicard, you could still use the windows out of the kit

P S I left school in 1978 so that kit has lasted 45 years near on

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