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Little Wicket, YouTube

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I've been watching a number of YouTube channels recently, catching up on what's new and getting hints and tips and have found a number of very interesting channels. Chadwick and Tom Kvichak to name a couple of the better ones but I wanted to give a special shout out to Little Wicket. 


I had already decided that control of Wavenham will be DCC++ via arduino and watched the Tom's Trains and Things videos relating to arduinos, both basic coding and model railway related but Little Wicket has taken the subject and presented it in a language and at a level that anybody, even I, can understand. The series on building, programming and operating arduino based control systems is excellent and I urge anyone considering a new layout with DCC control or moving from DC to DCC to give it a watch. 




I don't know if the producer of the channel is here, or known to anyone here but he's doing a cracking job. I have my arduino mega and sensor shield. A uno and motor shield are on order then I shall be following his excellent tutorials on a temporary test track before applying it to the main layout. 



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I've made a prototype wireless handheld throttle for a DCC++ basestation by modifying Dave Bodnar's hardware and code for an Arduino.  Might be useful for you - the links (and my revised code, as far as it got) are elsewhere in this forum.  :)


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That's very useful as I will be looking to add an analogue throttle with a rotary at some point. PC control will suffice for a start, especially as due to the logistics of the layout there is one defined control station, there is no facility to walk around so a wireless throttle is pointless, but there is the possibility of a more capacious location on the horizon where a walk around throttle will be really useful. 

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