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Hornby Class 91 Issues On Peco Curved Points?

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Hi all! 

Slowly starting to build my fiddle yard, and have got a few trains running about (Just to test what is down so far!) I've used Peco SL-E187 curved points in the fiddle yard, and have come across an issue with my Hornby GNER Class 91. 

When taking the point, the axles are getting caught on the wing rails of the points, thus jumping up and sometimes de-railing at high speed.

Does anyone have any ideas to what may be causing this? I've attached a photo of the point in question. The issue happens when coming from the left hand side of the point, in the direction that the photo is taken. The loco runs fine when coming from the right hand side of the point. 

I have attached a video of the issue.

Does anyone have any ideas what may be causing the issue?

Thank You!




Class 91 issue photo.jpg

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51 minutes ago, MartynJPearson said:

It could be a trick of the light, but you look to have a slight kink in the IRJ join on the yellow path. Could that be throwing the bogie such that it then hits the wing rail?

My thoughts exactly. Try just 'wedging' it to a smoother alignment (if only temporarily using track pins at the sleeper end) and see if the problem goes away.



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If I may ask, is this the 91 from the 1990s or with a more modern motor drive.


I ask because if this is the loco from the 1990s the way to solve this is to take the insulated wheels off the axles, pull out the the all metal wheels from the motor bogie,  add 1 small washer onto each axle then refit them into the motor bogie adding the insulated wheels with the gears ( making sure they still move side to side but not too much ).


I have carried out this modification myself and my locks rarely jump on a turnout now.  Might be worth a try.

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Hi all! 

The Class 91 is from the late 2000s (Its the mallard pack so the MK4s have the orange doors) . I got it second hand about 4 years ago. My friend came over yesterday to help me with the fault, and we started to adjust the point to see if that helped. I then ran my limited edition Hornby Class 91 (VTEC Pack) and that passed over the points with ease. 

So we turned our attention to the GNER 91, to find the powered axles look like they've been swapped with those from a steam engine! 

Four years and I've only just spotted this now. 

I've ordered a replacement chassis with the newer style motor to replace the awful ringfield motor too.


Thanks for the help everyone!


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