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Scale Conversion Tool

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I make a living writing computer software but, until now, have only ever done this for Windows desktop PCs.  As software moves inexorably to ‘the cloud’, I figured it was about time I learnt how to write applications that run in a web browser and figured, while I was learning, I may as well create something useful and this has turned in to a Scale Conversion Tool.


It has the following features:


  • Convert Actual Length to Scale Length.  Enter a ‘real’ length in the units of your choice and it will be converted to the equivalent scale length in whatever units you choose.
  • Convert Scale Length to Actual Length.  Same as above but the opposite way round.
  • Convert Scale Length to Scale Length.  Enter a length in one scale and have it converted to other scales.
  • Convert actual curve radius in chains to scale radius in a choice of units.
  • Convert Imperial to Metric.
  • Convert Metric to Imperial.
  • Convert Thou to mm.
  • Convert mm to thou.


Scales supported so far are listed below although you can enter your own scale ratio for most of the calculations if you wish.


  • 2mm scale (US/EU N) - 1:160
  • 2mm scale (2mm FS) - 1:152.3
  • 2mm scale (British N) - 1:148
  • 3mm scale (British TT) - 1:101.6
  • 3.5mm scale (HO) - 1:87.1
  • 4mm scale (OO, EM, P4) - 1:76.2
  • 7mm scale (O) - 1:43.5


Free to use, it can be run from here: http://www.leyburnsolutions.com/scaleconverter/scale.php 




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