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GER Holden Clerestory?

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Hello all.

Attached are a few pictures of DE320111 taken during the summer of 1963 when it was parked in the station yard at West Horndon on the LT&SR line.

I'm assuming it was a Holden clerestory of the type produced from 1898 - 1906, but clarification would be most welcome plus any detail of its eventual fate. The pictures show it two different positions and it may have been part of a clear up operation after a derailment of stock at West Horndon on 17 July of the same year. Until the following summer piles of smashed stock removed from the accident site awaited clearance.

Many thanks.


W H 023.jpg

W H 024.jpg

W H 008.jpg

W H 009.jpg

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Looks like a North Eastern 3 compartment brake third to me - a number of these were transferred to GE metals (in the 30s, I think).


In particular, with the basic roof-profile - ignoring the clerestory - an arc, and with the windows in the end in line with those in the sides, it's not likely to be anything Great Eastern.



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There is a photo in Kichenside's Railway Carriage Album of a very similar NER brake third, albeit with the guard's lookout at the very end. The panelling of the end of the clerestory is identical , as is the arrangement of steps and handrails on the non-brake end, although the steps have a more complicated support structure it appears.

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Thanks chaps.  A separate source having the benefit of access to NERA records states that this was an NER 3cpt Brake 3rd ex-NER 1490 built to diagram 18 which was probably converted to service stock about 1951/2 and was allocated to the Engineer at Stratford. The date as either 1895/1906 or 1908. Looking at the style of the panelling probably about 1906 – just before the elliptical roof designs became standard.


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