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RIP David Randles - Uksteam.info


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I am surprised its not been raised already, so I would like to copy an obituary from elsewhere...



David is well known for his site UKSteam.info which provided virtually every steam locomotive movement update for close to a decade and was a critical resource for enthusiasts as well as a great historical railtour record.

Ive only met david 4 or 5 times, recalling being introduced to him on at Llangollens SSS galas a decade ago, standing quietly by a window listening to City of Truro, if I recall correctly. Later spent the later afternoon / evening with him in the Thompson buffet. He would at a later point in time give me the inside knowledge on 60163’s run to Edinburgh for Top Gear, and 45305’s uncoupled banking duties at Victoria for 6201 in 2011 for which I am eternally grateful for the memories it gave.

A very polite and mild character, very knowledgable with a good memory, passionate about 6024 King Edward I.  I recall his sly smile when it was first pointed out to me his role with UKsteam, something that he was both pride and passion, yet not seeking fame for his part...


A true gent, I wont forget him or his contribution to the hobby, I hope many of us will too, he was a lifeline to the hobby for many years before Realtimetrains etc.








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Just caught this. So sad. I used UK Steam very often as it was brilliant. As is ghe case with so.many his passing was not known by me until seeing this and then so late. RIP that man and thanks for everything you did.

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