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5 minutes ago, JeffP said:

I can't find any build threads other than one on here, and it's not clear to me what he's actually done.

He mentions filing the windows, but I can't see what he's changed for the life of me.

Are there any builds on the old site and can I get to them?

Try a Google search for " Hachette flying Scotsman".

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Another step forward with the coal hopper fitted into the tender, the supplied ends of the bunker will be used after they are narrowed and made slightly taller. Regards coal rails I have cut out some 1.3mm strips from the 0.3mm sheet the tender was constructed from. 


Regards the cab doors I'm sorry for being stupid but I really dont understand what i need to change, HELP!20201215_221036.jpg.65f81cb8ac108197da5e661d910420d6.jpg20201215_221031.jpg.7513a88b204f6ab9c6d2dbfc25d1f9c9.jpg

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On the FS as originally built, the slightly curved door opening extended vertically to the height of the windows. This is how the Hachette cab side is supplied. Shortly after the introduction of the corridor tenders it was extended vertically further to make the cabs less draughty. Careful study of A3s  show this clearly. It looks a little odd but was appreciated by the crews. It also requires the handrail extending. Beware of recent photos of the preserved FS as I am not sure how they have restored the cab side. 

If you look on the St Frusquin thread there is a photo of the completed loco in grey primer. If you compare the Hachette cab side the difference is obvious. 


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