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Can  anybody help me re  the two photos attached?


The first photo (which I have  marked "1") is plainly a  rack and pinion  railway. Is that France also? If not, where?


The second is plainly Normandy, France as it  says "Direction Des Andelys". Andelys is Normandy, France.  The loco number is plainly 30-312.  Looks like  an 0-6-0T. But what  actually is the loco?  All I can  find would suggest that it is a Crampton - but I  doubt that as  that loco was built in 1857!  Don't know  when the photo was  taken but  think it is pre-WW2.  Its a Jerome Ltd photo postcard stamped 10 - 27.



unknown 1.jpg


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it looks very steep by the 4 little platforms on the right the rack looks to be the Locher system which could suggest it is the Pilatus railway and looking at photos it would fit the station at the bottom from the view of being on a carriage in the right hand track looking up the left hand. in some photos it still has the little stone steps on the left



i just found all this out in about 10 minutes

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Thank you Sir Douglas!


Certainly fits your assessment.


Now I know what to look for its is definitely the Locher system with a box-like structure where the engines gear  wheels  cut into the sides of the rack.  Also note that the Pilatus Railway was privately  fianced by Eduard Locher.

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Les Andelys is an attractive town at a crossing point of the Seine. If you don't want to use the new motorways, it is quite a good route back towards Calais. I have passed through several times and stayed there once.


Above the town stands an impressive mediaeval castle which is (IIRC) where Richard I (Lionheart) died.


I would have to look up where the junction station was that this 030T was photographed. The loco would date from the 1880s/1890s.

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21 minutes ago, carlwebus said:

Hi Joseph


Many  thanks for the info.


Any idea  what class of loco this is?  I have s e arched 30-312 but get nothing.


Others here better qualified than me on French locos of this origin and what they became under SNCF numbering. I certainly don't have any books that cover these I will make a quick internet search.

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