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D1938 MU equipped, was it unique?

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4 hours ago, Dave47549 said:

Fitted for Push-pull testing (with a modified Mk1 BSK) .

Do you have anymore info on that or better still pictures particularly of the BSK? I feel a project coming on. Just to add i wonder if the driving trailer for the Trib train is the same BSK.

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It is the same - former BSK E34500, 'Auto Trailer'



IIRC the p-p trial was Paddington-Bristol or thereabouts.

I'm not 100% sure but it may also have seen service when ScR were deciding how to upgrade the Edinburgh-Glasgow express shuttle.

Robert Carroll once posted a pic on RMWeb showing the coach, still numbered E34500, in lined maroon livery with SYP.

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D6700 was likewise fitted by Derby Research in 1968 for P/P trials in Scotland.

I believe D1938 was also an experimental loco for the fitting of P/P equipment to the class 50's, although I've never seen a picture of one so employed, so I don't know if it got fitted.



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Your memory regarding D6700 and D1938 is the same as mine Mike - I must have read about it in a railway magazine back then, as I was aware D1938 - the WR's highest-numbered Brush Type 4 at that time - was a bit special when I took this photo with my brand new Instamatic camera (Christmas present, 1968!) of the loco waiting to leave Plymouth North Road on New Year's Day 1969, with the additional jumper cable on display.........just about! Apologies for the damaged negative, I don't currently have the means to tidy it up. 

After taking the photo I boarded the train for my first-ever Class 47 haulage, over the Devon banks to Newton Abbot. I seem to recall that the train's ultimate destination was Sheffield, although nearly 52 years after the event I could be wrong!



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