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Some preserved examples:


Bury South, East Lancashire  Railway, 23 Jan 2011



Ramsbottom, East Lancashire  Railway, 23 Jan 2011



Matlock, Peak Rail, 20 Feb 2013



Grosmont Crossing, North Yorkshire Moors Railway, 23 Oct 2018



Levisham, also NYMR, 25 oct 2018



Cheddleton, Churnet Valley Railway, 20 Aug 2008




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20 hours ago, SHMD said:

The're fabulous close up photos of Halton Jn. there Dave.

Loads of details revealed for modelling.


Did you make into the Locking Room too?





Unfortunately not but there wouldn't be much anyway, all electrical by the time of my visit.


We also visited Ditton No1, No.2, Ditton PSB (prior to opening) and Runcorn so we were rushing around


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Here's another one of Swanwick Junction on 17 Aug 2014



Church Lane at Darley Dale, 17 Jan 2011



The re-purposed Kyle of Lochalsh, 1 May 2017



Stirling North, 2 May 2017



Stirling Middle, 2 May 2017



Par, 6 May 2017



Penzance, 7 May 2017


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Aynho 1981, and Appleford Crossing on a very hot day in 1976. The bobby was not enjoying the heat!


Aynho 8 August 1981 OM1 218-012.jpg

Appleford 26 June 1976 30-1.jpg

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One recent find with a signal box lurking in background.


Lost in mists of time how I found myself at Worcester or why a NBR fan was so fascinated by such a signal. 

Scan 39.jpeg

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1 hour ago, roundhouse said:

The box is still there. Well certainly in  October 2020 when we were there.



That’s good to see, I don’t get round that way usually, as you can tell.

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That picture of Wellowgate - you can see in the background a fish and chip shop, which it was said in the late seventies/early eighties was often visited by an Area Inspector who was single and lived on his own, and that Wellowgate would then get a box visit before/after visiting the chippie. The most visited box in the area!I



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 A few more from around the country in 2014


Hubberts Bridge (different)





Downham Market (it was a particulary hot and humid day and you can see the back end of the thundestorm I drove through to get here. Had to stop in layby with around 20 others as the rain was that heavy it was hard to see more than a few tens of yards even at 20mph It seems to have bypassed Downham Market though)








Burscough Bridge Jn








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I'm told this was the signal box from Dainton Summit, now repurposed as a sailing club at Westbury. And Fairwood Junction in 1978 under some magnificent trees.

Westbury OM1 1998 S32- 001.jpg

Westbury Rolleiflex March 1978 117 (2).jpg

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On 16/01/2021 at 08:41, Poor Old Bruce said:

Some South Eastern boxes from some time in the 1980s







What are you travelling on mr Bruce in the Margate shot? The side of the “unit” appears to have been in contact with something substantial looking at the damage sustained.

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