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Farish DBSO Function Outputs

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I am trying to add interior lighting to my Farish DBSO, but there are no handy solder pads on the PCB to access the 'other' connections on the Next18 socket. I have a Zimo MX688 function decoder, but the manual says all connections should be made through the socket and doesn't elaborate on what the solder pads on the decoder are for. Does anyone have any idea if I can access these functions though these solder tabs? Or is there an adaptor board that would sit between the decoder and the socket with breakout connections?

Ultimately that at might leave soldering to the socket pins but those are awfully small...

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I would expect the rear pads to be the manufacturer's programming pins (ie. no use to end users).   I'd be fitting any additional wires to the socket in the loco, and if nothing there, or re-wire the unit to take an aftermarket 18 pin socket, which would have all the solder pads present.   

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