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Grafar 'Coronation' Class Tender Coupling Problem - Help, please

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A customer of ours received a "Princess Elizabeth" 'Coronation' class 4-6-2 locomotive from his family. He has a circular layout of track from the 'North Eastern Freight' train set which he has extended with Peco Settrack and Streamline track. He also received a couple of Graham Farish Mark 1 coaches.


The layout has curves no tighter than 11" radius, so within the radius 2 recommendation for running the 'Coronation' locomotive.


When the locomotive is running light engine, it runs perfectly, but add the coaches and when it reaches a set of points coming off a curve, the front of the tender lifts upwards and derails. Upon further investigation, the locomotive and first coach are becoming buffer locked. The NEM coupling fitted to the locomotive is of the 'long' version.


We are stumped as to how to solve the problem, so any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you, in advance

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Is the point a Setrack one, because that will be 9" radius and first radius?


Are the coaches the newer version with the close coupling mechanism or the older bogie mounted coupling versions?  If the former, then applying graphite to the CCM on the coach and/or the tender might ease it up a bit.

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