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EFE Gate Stock

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The Bluebell Railway operates two coaches with Mansell wheels.

They are LSWR lav brake 3rd No. 1520, and SECR Birdcage lav brake third No. 3363.

Neither of these vehicles went to King's Cross.

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On 30/01/2021 at 18:17, pushpull33 said:

I thought today I would have ago at fixing this slight discrepancy.


That looks better dosent it.

More on my blog as to how easy it is.


Such a shame that something so easy to get right when relaunching this model by EFE that it went unnoticed, but thanks pushpull33 for the remedy.  

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Received a very nice 3D printed gift from a friend which I might use to remodel one of these to a 1922 - 1930 era. That is Southern Railways, post electric light fitting and before pull push air control. May give the over coach control wires a miss though. 

Here’s a Kernow's Gate Stock LSWR conversion another friend did a couple of years ago.  Yes he knows it is not 100% correct, but a very good representation.




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