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A photo that says a lot about the date and year. The river Ouse in flood on 28 December as 185134 crosses the Scarborough rail bridge outside York station, with a message about Covid 19 precautions. Compare with Kirtleypetes model thread!




Happier and safe New year to all


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My railway photography has been pitiful this year.

Since March I have made one return train journey to Taunton. I would think that the last time I went that long without any kind of train journey was certainly back in 1977,  probably as early as 1974, possibly back to the early 1960s, and perhaps even back to when I was born in 1959.


Any way, back in March I went to visit my 98 year old uncle in Moretonhampstead, train to Exeter then bus.


As usual on the return journey I had to change trains at Taunton, here 158959 has just arrived from Cardiff, 17/3/2020



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Class 158 passing Long Rock level crossing on its way to Plymouth. Taken just before midday yesterday. 



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30.8.2020, Tuffé, Sarthe, on the Transvap preserved line. Uniquely-liveried 93953, one of 400 SNCF X3800 "Picasso" railcars, and the last in SNCF service, back in the '80s, pauses on its way to Bonnetable. I still have hopes that LS Models will eventually release this version - it's been in their upcoming list for many years.




Seconds after taking this pic I was attacked by a swarm of wasps. They pursued me to the car - 100 yards away - and several managed to join me for the 25' journey home. I was stung several times, including twice when I got out of the car at home! A swollen hand wasn't pleasant, but recovery only took a couple of days. Perils of our hobby!

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21 minutes ago, great central said:


 Bringing the hauled set back? Far too much to hope for, although I see 37401 and 02 are stabled at Norwich:sungum:


Unfortunately not, the 88 is going back to Dagenham on Monday and the 37s are on standby for any plough work 

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I don't class myself a photographer in any way so I take very few pictures, of anything ! But this is a train-less one I took in October, trying to get a half-decent pic of the unique (I believe) German-style OLE masts on the Neilston branch. Taken from the Kingston Road overbridge at Neilston station, looking towards Glasgow: 




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