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Tewkesbury Shed and Quay Branch Exhibition Layout in EM Gauge.

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Thanks Dave.

Yes I've wanted to do this layout for around 25 years now as it's one of the two shed layouts in LMS Engine Sheds vol II that is realistically buildable in a home environment. From the face of the old terminus overall roof on the far side of the Oldbury Rd to the end of the water tank is 400 feet. Even if you throw in the taller part of the maltings it's only 436 feet. So it's a nice compact layout that will fit on two 6' tables in an exhibition hall. If it's well received and I get bookings for it I might extend it in 6 foot modules right down to the quay. Then I can offer whatever exhibition managers have room for. That's for the future though, first things first which is the shed and fiddle yards. One of the other attractions is that it won't need huge amounts of stock either.


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As I thought I'm totally unable to attempt anything involving my hands today. My right hand is so sore I can't even close it properly. So I thought I would list the locos and loco kits I have amassed so far.

1. Craftsman 1F full cab belpaire. This is to EM gauge and a runner. I built it many years ago and it was my first etched brass kit. It is currently in in Midland crimson and will be stripped and repainted in LMS plane black.

2. MPD 1F half cab round top. Scored on ebay in part built condition for not a lot. 

3. Bachmann  3F belpaire. LMS plane black. Awaiting conversion pack from Gibson.

4. Craftsman 1P round top. Also from ebay in part built condition. The chassis has been very badly built using glue. Fortunately it came with another chassis that is untouched so if I can't disassemble the chassis I have another one. It came with Romford wheels but I will build it with Gibsons.

5. Wills 0-6-4T Flatiron. Also from ebay for an absolute song. Needs a chassis and wheels. Gibson does milled frames for this and I'm not going with a RTR chassis as suggested in the kit so Gibbo it is.  

6. Wills 4F another ebay purchase, part built but unlike the 1P the boiler and tender have been very well constructed. A comet chassis and maybe Brassmasters motion kit if I feel brave enough

7. K's 8F, ebay once again. Completely untouched. I also scored a Comet chassis and motion kit. Will be fitted with Gibsons and a better motor.

8. K's Johnson 0-4-0 dock tank in Midland crimson that was in the process of having a new chassis built to P4 standards. I will now rebuild it back to EM gauge.

9. Scratch built unfinished MR Kirtley 156 class that I will finish to EM gauge.

I will be documenting the builds and conversions on here. I need wheels for everything apart from the 1F half cab and the dock tank and will start getting them in from AG at the end of the month.

I also have a bid in for a 4F tender and if I win I'll be buying a Brassmasters 4F kit to go with this. More inside motion. As I said if I feel brave enough. I would also like a SDJR 7F and another 8F maybe a Comet or a DJH kit for this one. I also have another 3F and 1P Belpaire, maybe the Bachmann one, on the wish list. All of these can be used on both Tewkesbury and the proposed new home layout. So I guess I'm going to be a busy boy.  




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