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Buying and Selling models to/from Europe

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7 hours ago, Ian Hargrave said:

According to UPS tracking it was delivered outside my front door at 13:08 today. Except that it wasn’t. “Proof of delivery “ was a text attached to the track page with “completed delivery “ .  No email announcement of complete delivery or any photographic evidence . It appears to me to be an elaborate way of escaping the fact that UPS have lost it and of avoiding responsibility for it. I’ve scoured the exterior of the property and it’s nowhere to be seen. I shall,of course pursue the matter in the morning but any information and advice would be gratefully received in the meantime.


Goes to show what a minefield this is, what if you had paid fees and taxes previously to get it delivered, I bet you'd have great fun trying to convince the government that you hadn't received the package.



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1 hour ago, Jonboy said:

Track it this morning and see if there are any later scans recorded in the detailed tracking. Not sure on the ups scanners but on the fedex ones the touchscreen button for “customer unavailable “ is right next to the “ delivered”  button and the drivers have fat fingers.....


Failing that call ups on 03457 877 877 and ask if their log shows further details. If it doesn’t then ask them to contact the local depot, ask the driver where he left it, and call you back....drivers are normally very goods for a couple of days after the event but after that newer delivery’s start to push data from their memory’s.


once you have exhausted these options it is the sellers responsibility to chase or claim as they hold the contract with UPS.




Thank you for this and the “where he left it” phrase. And the joke’s on me.I searched as I thought exhaustively using both torch and outside lighting when I logged onto UPS tracking last night to find that the delivery  day had altered from Wednesday ( today) to hey it was delivered hours ago.There was no ring of bell or knock on door whatsoever.I have a wife who is terminally ill and cannot be left in any case.At the time we were in both in the room right next to the “front door” where the “proof of delivery “ states he/she left it.  No email.No text to my phone .


Having spent hours awake figuring out how to claim compensation,I have just got up and come downstairs to notice that I had left the front door outside light on due to my search last evening.I even looked through the window from upstairs to see if I could spot a parcel. On opening the front door for another check....bingo! ....there it is .Wedged tightly between a terracotta planter and a low retaining brick wall three steps down and well away from the door.No wonder I didn’t see it in the dark.It took quite an effort to prise it clear of its hiding place.The planter is full of compost and heavy.The cardboard of the parcel is ripped on one corner exposing the inner packaging.Modellbahn Union obviously securely packed it and fortunately it didn’t rain last night.I shall now unpack .And the packaging has done its job.The model is intact Praise be.The documentation in English that it is “Modelrailway items” plain to see taped on parcel. Over the past few months,I’ve used this retailer who has provided excellent service. It is surprising to see what he stocks.First time this hiccup has occurred. Sorry if I made a fuss but I was genuinely concerned.

Maybe posting my experience will help someone else.






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