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Hi All


Here are four more mysteries from my collection.


The  question  for all is "what and  where" (for 7 & 9 its  also "when"):


Photo 7 is plainly GWR pannier passing  what looks like a disused station - possibly hauling a Mk1 brake non-compartment?


Photo 8 looks like some  sort of loading platform and / or coaling  stage.  Is that  water bottom right?  Date is given as 26 June 1969


Photo 9 may not  even be UK. Look at the profile of the carriage windows etc.


Photo 11 is Britannia 70024 and dated 22 June 1967.  At that date, according  to brdatabase, "Vulcan" was a Carlisle Kingmoor loco but the landscape looks a bit flat  for that area?

unknown 7.jpg

unknown 8.jpg

unknown 9.jpg

unknown 11.jpg

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I would say that photo 8 certainly does have water at the bottom of it. I would even go as far as saying that there is a very small wave breaking, possibly the wash from a boat or from the sea. ( I would guess that it is the sea as there appears to be a tide line.

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Afraid I can't help with any of the locations, but I notice in photo 7 the bridge seen at the end of the platforms also carries a railway. Hope this might help the GWR officianardos to I'd the location. 

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No.7 is Neath Riverside on the former Neath & Brecon line. Brecon is a likely destination for the train pictured - so no later than 1962.


I wondered if no.9 might be in the rugged "arrière pays" between Calais and Boulogne and whether the train, given the stock it is formed of, might be a (British) enthusiasts' special.

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4 minutes ago, bécasse said:

wondered if no.9 might be in the rugged "arrière pays" between Calais and Boulogne

I thought that too, but was lacking in confidence to mention it until you did.

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8 hours ago, BernardTPM said:

7 the coach is a late GWR non-corridor brake 3rd. Shame the number is out of sight though. Might even be a Hawkesworth given the low height of the curve

Hawksworth non-gangwayed brake 3rd, and the location is definitely Neath Riverside, but I would have thought the train was heading for the Vale of Neath line rather than the Neath and Brecon, as the the Brecon trains were gangwayed stock to provide toilet facilities on this 2 hour plus journey.  Neath to Treherbert trains via the R & SB and Rhondda Tunnel were also gangwayed, and usually hauled by panniers.


The line carried on the bridge at the end of the platform is the SWML, which leaves Neath General in the Swansea direction around a sharp left hand curve of nearly 180 degrees and climbs steeply towards Skewen straight off the end of the platform, crossing this bridge in the process.  There is alleged to be an Icthyasaurus fossil in one of the rock cuttings on this bank, but I've never seen it.

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Thanks  to all  responders.


We're really getting somewhere.


No 7 really  sorted!


No 9 probably.


Re: 8 I wonder if its the same place as the pic now attached - which I think is Northern Ireland (LMS/ NCC)?


Nothing yet on No.11: the Brit

unknown 4.jpg

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It does look a lot like it now you say, but what loco is that if it is? I can’t square it as anything southern - I thought it might be something LMS or GWR. And, I don’t think the building in the distance quite matches - very similar, but not the same. I tend to go with the NCC feeling, and that the loco is a jinty (no it’s not, the windows are wrong).


Could it be an ex-SL&NC 0-6-4T?

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