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Glencoe 4mm West Highland station.

Eddie R v2.0

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2 hours ago, Eddie R v2.0 said:

Here are the close up pics. Apologies for the crap soldering, it’ll get cleaned up before painting. The reason I did this was on a previous attempt, the outer rails moved slightly so on this one I removed one long sleeper and replaced it with some copper clad. Once the rails were secure, I cut off the frog etc. Cut a groove in the copper to isolate each side. As I say, once cleaned up, painted, ballasted, it won’t be so noticeable. 

Hopefully that’s of some use to you. 




Nice work Eddie , may consider having a crack myself rather than use the normal code 75 catch points I have , cheers

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Not much to report at present due to extreme temperatures and work but I have been working on some of the DCC stuff “off layout” in preparation. This morning I’ve started programming the DS64 decoders for the layout and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was. I’m using an old Cobalt motor for testing and one thing I have noticed is how much quieter it is on DCC than it was on a standard DPDT switch and 12v DC. 

I’ve also dug out Kilchoan from storage and will be working on it simultaneously. Who knows, I might even work on a plan for connecting the two layouts.....



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Big progress on board one. All the point motors fitted and tested plus wired up to the DS64 points decoder. I’ve made a start on tidying the wiring up but this will get finished when the signals are wired up to their decoder. 

The 15way breakout board is from Railway Scenics and seem to be very sturdy. I’ll make up cables from the next board to suit. 






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Splashed out on this bit of kit, not the cheapest but looks to be really good for programming and testing stuff. Very portable so can take it out to demos and the likes of we ever get back to shows. Fully compatible with my main system.

Also got the first layout sign! 



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Thanks David 


I’m on a week’s annual leave which happens to roll into a long weekend so all told, 12 days off. Really taking my time on the planning so that when I do manage to get stuff done, all the parts are in place to do the jobs. I’m already thinking ahead to point rodding, platforms and uncoupling magnets. 



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Well you are ahead of me! Tracklaying ground to a halt on GQS when I ran out of track. (In September).Am told it is on its way this week. In the meantime I have not started the wiring and there is a lot to do! 

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Rather boring, under board wiring shot again. This time it’s board 3. Only got the points decoders to fit. I have decided to use single decoders instead of fitting a DS64 just to work a crossover- it will get used for Kilchoan instead along with the 4 remaining Tortoise motors. 


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Well, that’s all the electrical work done now. LocoNet cables made up, fascia plates installed, multi plugs all done. Now on to the test phase. Included below is some pics of the first proper train on the layout, 37422 running round it’s 3 coach train. 











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Busy day in the shed. I’ve made an opening on the end boards to allow a temporary bit of track to be added so I can test stuff properly. 

Next up, I made a start on the platform. It’s still got a long way to go but at least it gives me an idea of what I’m working with. The station building is from the Pop-Up range and is the Ballachulish one. 

One thing that I noticed when the platform went into place, was that the two sidings looked wrong. So I’ve made them both the same length now which has improved the look of them. I’ll make a start on the buffer stops eventually (always seems to be something else to do!)


Whilst all that has been left to dry, I got some stock on the layout to move around and get a feel for train lengths etc. 



























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Back out for another quick session before dinner. Got a coat of primer on the platform to highlight any imperfections (and there are a few!) so it’s going to get some filler once it’s hardened properly. 

Next, I cut out a shell from foamboard for the exit out the scenic section. It will get clad in some form of stonework before securing in place. 

Finally, got another two buffer stops built and fitted. They are quite stark but that will soon change when painted etc. 



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Made a start on the base layer for the scenery today. Roughly cut some strips of foam insulation and glued them onto the layout. Needed something to weigh them down.......


Also making an appearance was a set of 5 Accurascale PTA wagons which are just stunning. They are not for this layout but they did find their way on for some photos earlier. 




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Posted (edited)

I thought long and hard about the original idea for a narrow gauge line meeting the goods sidings but as the track was being laid, I soon came to realise that I would be cramming too much in to such little space so it was put on the back burner. 

Fast forward to yesterday, and after watching some more of Luke Towans videos, it struck me that what I should do is a cross between a mini layout and a diorama. So, of to a large DIY store and I came back armed with a sheet of insulation (2 actually as one is for the hill behind Glencoe station) and I quickly assembled a very lightweight board assembly. 

I’m now at the track planning stage, and it looks like a single line in from the storage yard that will go between this and Glencoe. The narrow gauge will be part of a quarry line - probably slate as that is what’s in the area anyway. It’s going to be fairly simple but will have a small loading dock to transfer the slate to waiting mainline stock. Looking to maybe have a small shed for the narrow gauge loco to live in but we’ll see once the scenery goes in.


I was going to start a separate thread but realised that it’s effectively part of Glencoe anyway so there is no point. 











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Back on with the main part of Glencoe today. I’ve covered the insulation with Sculptamold, painted it brown and attached the rock castings. Once dry, it was blended in and water colours applied to the rocks. Next was a first layer of scenic materials and all sealed in with scenic glue mix (50:50 water/PVA) 


I’ve also made a start on the ballasting and fitted some round magnets for uncoupling the Kadees. 





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Forgive me this small diversion- Social Media....


I’m not ashamed to say that my mental health has taken a bit of a battering during this last year- like many I know. I’m in a very fortunate position that my job is fairly secure and appreciate that many others have not been so lucky. 

One area that has probably affected me more than most is the various forms of social media. I’ve used most of the main ones to some degree or other but one by one, I’ve deleted them. Last few days has seen me finally get rid of Facebook and my main Twitter account. 

However, I did start an account for the layout and various workbench stuff and it’s taken off far better than I had dreamed off. What I have done is set a long list of muted words and phrases which means I can have much more control of what I see. It’s been a revelation and I’m really enjoying the positive side of social media where like minded people can just talk trains! 

I like the short sharp messages that you can get across using Twitter and using the #TMRGUK hashtag means that there is loads of content. 

If you fancy having a look then just search on Twitter for Glencoe Model Railway- most of the content is the same but I am adding some work pics on there too. 

Anyway, back to the trains :D

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Few days since any work been done on Glencoe but I managed a few hours this afternoon in the shed. I’ve been working on a plan to fit a goods shed and I’m now on version 3.1 which seems to work. 

Then it was on to the quarry board where I’ve laid the track and fitted the two point motors. I’ve also raised the level of the narrow gauge board slightly which has also made a big difference. 














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Been a wee while since an update to the thread so apologies for that. Plenty been going on, on the shed and in the garden! 

The shed has been getting a new ceiling in the rear part (where the 0 gauge is located) and has replaced a mishmash of plasterboard etc. It looks much nicer and more importantly, brighter. 

Glencoe took a back seat whilst I pondered about the goods shed and line. I’ve decided that it’s too contrived so it’s been removed. Instead, the space will eventually get filled with some railway cottages. 

Once I resolved that dilemma, I could crack on with the scenic work again. My local shop reopened fully just in time for more supplies to be purchased. 

Below is a selection of pics- just to note that the glue isn’t completely dry in them ! 












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Bit more achieved today. Fascia been given its first coat of black paint and the points have been ballasted. Also managed to get more ground cover on to the right of the signal box (which has been given some blue paint on the edges. Perhaps not totally prototypical for the entire time frame of the layout but I like it and, well, you know the rest! 






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No 1 Railway Cottages, Station Road, Glencoe It’s a Scale Model Scenery building that’s been modified with a corrugated roof. Needs a harling coat on the walls and some paint on the door and roof but it’s a cracking wee building.


Also made a wee start on the bridge. It’s a long way off finished but you can at least see what I’m trying to achieve 








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Not much visual progress but small projects keep bubbling away. 

some new stock arrived, a Heljan 25 and a Bachmann NOV. Very impressed with the 25 as I had read all the various views but having a couple of message exchanges with friends, it seems that it’s pretty good. With this in mind, I ordered 093 (which was resident in Scotland for a few years). It’s a lovely wee loco. 

As for the layout, small Scenics details are being added and work continues on the station building. I’ve used Scale Model Scenery slates to recover the roof. These are  superb and look the part. 








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