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Gotthard Line Video from 1997.

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Afternoon All,

The next installment of my 1997 video of 141R1244 on the Gotthard Line has now been published on YouTube.  Here's the link for those interested to see it:



Hope it's of interest.

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Posted (edited)

Morning All,


I put two more short Swiss railway videos on YouTube yesterday although one is really a continuation of the other.


The first one has the last shots of the SNCF 141R at Airolo and Flüelen on its way home to Brugg.  There are also shots of the normal day to day Swiss trains as they were at that time - now history, of course.  Look out for the Re 6/6 hauling a 16 coach train!


The second video was taken that evening at Thalwil.  The light was failing, so not ideal for filming, but I managed to get a couple of shots before it got too dark and I had to give up.


Here they are if anyone would like to see them:







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Thanks for those Ron. Delightful stuff!


Sad that now these scenes on the Gotthard won't be repeated. Interesting to see a DVT between coaches at Thalwil. 

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