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EDM Fletcher Jennings 009 model

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14 hours ago, SandHutton said:

Brilliant work there.  is that running on 9mm gauge track to finescale standards?

Thank you. The answer is no, but it should be. My use of 2mmAssoc. drivers (I wanted brass centres for a split frame chassis) means that it will run on Peco 009 track, but only just. Careful back to back adjustment is needed to tread the narrow line between the flanges hitting the point vee and the wheels falling inside the rails. Fettling the Peco points is probably more trouble than building your own track, on a small layout at least. It's OK on straight track though.

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22 hours ago, SomethingTrainLover said:

So based on your above reply, I assume you scratch built the chassis for this? I mainly ask cause I'm curious whether you made the motion or where you sourced it from?

Yes, the chassis is scratchbuilt. The split frame chassis is made from 2 strips of 0.5mm double sided PCB, frame spacers from 1.5mm double sided PCB, gapped and soldered together. Frame bearings are 2mm Assoc. 1.5mm phosphor bronze and the wheels are 2mm Assoc. 9mm brass centered drivers with filler counterweights and every other spoke sawn out with a piercing saw. Their rear faces were turned down and backed with shim brass, then thin superglue was dripped into the spaces between the spokes. The cylinders are IIRC old Brian Clarke castings redrilled and sleeved. The con rods, coupling rods, crosshead and slide bar are made from waste etch fret. Motor is a 6mm Tramfabriek with 2mmAssoc. gear and worm, supported on a Perspex mount and siliconed into place. All the body gubbins is formed from copper wire, brass tube, wire and nuts and Meridian handwheels. Dumb buffers are lime wood with lead foil front plates. Works plates from Narrow planet. As soon as I get a chance I will build some 9mm gauge track and some points.


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