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RIP Graham Jones NMRS Models

mike hughes

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Graham sadly passed away from Covid last Saturday. Only found out he was on a ventilator the previous Wednesday and was informed by one of my customers on last Saturday. 

I knew he was employed by BR but only found out by his last telephone call to me he had worked in the same department as me (S&T) 

He’d also had something to do with the NMT train (flying banana)



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I had heard from the owner of Invertrain when I was placing an order that Graham was ill, and then that he had died. An  announcement has appeared on the Invertrain website but the NMRS website still seems to be active with no message.

A loss as I have used his buffers a few times on club projects, though bought via others so I never had any direct dealing with him or knew him.

And of course a sad time for his family.


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So sad to hear of an old pal passing from this dreadful virus.

Graham was originally from Colwyn Bay, and he and I were at school together. We got on well having a passion for model railways .  He introduced me to N gauge when we were in our teens, but it was the days when so few items were available to buy and mainly German.  He was building a layout in the garden shed but I was never impressed and it actually put me off N for life. He was for a long time a useful member at the Colwyn Model Railway Club.

We lost touch when he left the area to seek his fortune down South originally on the S&T, but he did return home sometimes to visit his mother and sister nearby. On some of his visits he would re-aquaint himself with me and other club members and for the past years became a honary club member an often attended our exhibitions with one of his layouts, mainly the Z gauge which he was actively promoting. 

He used to do the O gauge event at Telford with his range of castings, and could always be easily found in the crowded hall by his loud and distinctive voice.

All the best to the family.



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So sad to hear this terrible news, i never met Graham but spoke on the telephone and purchased a lot of 0 gauge fittings from Graham, Graham also gave me a lot of help and advice which with the knowledge and experience  Graham had was always welcomed, not only a huge miss in the  world of modelling but also in the world its self. My sincere condolences to his family and friends, R.I.P. Graham.

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As Merfyn pointed out, Graham was a member of the Colwyn Model Railway Club and that is how he came to know my father, Arthur. Dad remembers Graham as a very enthusiastic model railway builder and a character. He remembers one story of Graham, which was the night before an exhibition at the Colwyn club rooms in Beech Road, Graham incorrectly did some wiring and burnt out all the point motors on the clubs 'TT' layout, an issue that was rectified and trains did run the next day. He also remembers that Graham was hands on and willing to learn and try to improve his modelling techniques.  


After having not seen Graham for a long time, Dad was very pleased to bump into him at the Colwyn Clubs Exhibition a few years ago and catch up with him. He remembers him with fondness and will miss seeing him at future exhibitions, especially with his Z gauge layout. 


For my part, I first met Graham at the Kettering O gauge guild show, where I was on duty for the first time on behalf of the LNWR Society. He stopped by the stand and asked if we had any details about a particular LNWR buffer type, and in discussion we exchanged names. He said he knew a Bond once, named Arthur but he lived in North Wales. It just goes to show it is a small world. 


Since that first meeting wherever we then saw each other again we would always stop and have a good chat. I will remember him for his kindness and his enthusiasm for the hobby. 


RIP Graham


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Graham will be sadly missed. He turned several of my masters into buffers that were subsequently incorporated into his range and thus reached a wider audience than they would otherwise have done. he was always willing to experiment with unusually shaped masters and would spend time with pattern makers explaining how mould production worked so that a minimum of time and effort was wasted. A true gentleman. I liked him a lot.

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Hi, I am Damian Grahams son. Although it has now been a while since my father's death it is still very touching to see such warmth from the modelling community towards my Dad. I was lucky enough in my youth to spend many a weekend with my dad at exhibitions. I am aware the website was still live for a while but I do believe it has now been taken down. My farther was much loved and will be sadly missed.

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Sorry to hear about this.   Graham supplied me with several LNWR items.    I had long term plans to buy a string of LNWR 4 wheelers from him.   He was a very good supplier.    Helped me out a lot.  Condolences to his family and friends.

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Jackie Kneeshaw, the Trade Manager for the Gauge O Guild has recently posted an update on the Guild site about the new ownership of the various kits and parts that Graham supplied which I have copied below . . . . . . 




Thank you to Chris Smith of Invertrain for providing another update about what has happened with product ranges previously available from Northampton Model Railway Supplies (NMRS) which was owned by the late Graham Jones:

Please continue to give the new owners time to get everything running smoothly. Buffers will still be for sale via Invertrain.

The new owners are:-

GJH - Graham Harrison
Loco, coach & wagon buffers
Coach & wagon bogies

JPL Manchester - Dave Brooks
Loco Backheads
Iron Mink Wagon kits

ACE Products - William Ascough
Loco Kits
LBSC Open D Wagon kit

PRMRP - Pete Besant
Bogie Seacow Kit

Invertrain - Chris Smith
Hand Crane Truck & Match Wagon
CR & G&SWR 4-Wheel Brake Van kits
Plunger Pick-Ups
Sprung Hornblocks
Chassis Alignment Rods

Phoenix Precision Paints - Chris Stapleton
All other etched wagon kits
Etched Coach Kits

Geoff Stratford
Deal Wagons
Other resin wagon kits

Iain Young - Sanspareil
Memorable Models, Road Vehicle Kits

Thank you to all for keeping these product ranges going and ensuring they are still available to O gauge modellers

Jackie Kneeshaw
Trade Manager


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8 hours ago, bluestag said:

Do you have any contact information for GJH?



The Gauge O Guild has a list of Traders websites but there is nothing listed for a GJH website


There is however an email (and an address and phone number)    Grahaminnorfolk (at) aol.com


I'm not sure if this list is only available to members as I never log out of the Guild site as I have forgotten my password!!


Click Here for Guild List of Traders


Hope that helps







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I'm very sorry to hear of Graham Jones death.   I met him at Telford on several occasions and found him to me very helplful and patient, he will be missed.

John Pearson 

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