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Braeside Models: The Scratchbuild Commissions of Brian McCulloch

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Me and Braeside Models rather 'derailed' in August!


Trying desperately to recover from putting my back out in time to represent my family at a funeral in Aberdeenshire wasn't my finest moment.

Progress has still been made and more commission work & product ideas are slowly coming to life. Expect projects as various as iconic railway architecture from the Highlands, a little piece of the Calder Valley and a corner of the old Somerset & Dorset - a location so local that I can visit it from my house on a bike ride!

One of the 'slow burners' has been David's ambitious Glasgow Queen Street project which involves a neo-classical hotel, known for most of its life as 'The North British Hotel'.
Here's a bit of the main façade that I've been working on. The architectural details have been fun to reproduce.


Here's an early view on part of the south-facing wall, which contains much of the decorative stonework. It's an impressive building that will look fantastic when it forms the eastern flank of the entrance to Glasgow Queen Street.



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Plans, Drawings, Photos, Old Maps - you name it, we looked at it!

To get started on this latest model, my client David handed over his hand-drawn elevations for the North British Hotel. They were lovely drawings but were based principally on studying photographs. Even with street view and photographs it can be tricky to get the ratios and proportions right. I had reason to question the scale of the footprint so David kindly agreed to making adjustments.

With neither of us being near enough to Glasgow for 'tape measure and notebook' research, we tried to find as much information as we could. I eventually unearthed some architect elevations from the public records. Amazingly, a 'friend of Braeside Models', the stonemason Dean Hamilton agreed to make a couple of 'tape measure and notebook' measurements of ground-level features whilst heading into GQS for work. This enabled me to double-check the scale when I resized the drawings.


You can see the changes between drawings. Although David's drawings would have produced a lovely looking building, with architect's elevations we should get something more true to life.


You can follow David's Glasgow Queen Street layout in RMWeb




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