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Boxchester as a diorama. Stuff being pulled up/Remodeled

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51 minutes ago, Moxy said:

HI Steve


Try John Day for Ford Transits http://www.johndaymodels.co.uk/our-models/ford-transits/ *


or Road Transport Images for for other lorries. https://www.roadtransportimages.com/


I seem to remember the Ford D Series was a common lorry in the 1970/80's


* Edit: having had another look at the John Day site, most of his seem to be Mk1 Transits.  However, there is thread here : https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/125558-ford-transit-van-mk2-oo-scale/ discussing this very subject.  The ABS cab referred to in that thread is now with the Model Bus Federation, but you need to be an MBF member to buy one.


Thanks for all the information.

It seems no MK2 available at the moment. So I will be patient and wait.


I will now check out flat bed lorries. 





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17 hours ago, SouthernBlue80s said:

I am after a BR Mk2 transit or similar van. Also a small flat bed lorry. 

Something you would have found in a yard between 1980 - 1985.


Also some full sacks.


If anyone can point me in the right direction.


Oxford do a MK1 and MK3 transit but not a MK2.


All the best





Hi Steve,

Base Toys (BT-Models), offer a range of small flat beds lorries and also do accessory lorry loads like full and empty coal sacks which you could leave as is or paint up to look like something else.

You could also use vehicles which came out in the mid 70's as many would have still seen service well into the 80's. That well known auction site has quite a few BT-Models at the moment which might be suitable including the coal sacks. 

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Thanks will check out Base Toys.


Talking of coal.

Boxchester yard has just received a big delivery.


Just need to sort out those coal sacks and flat bed now.


What I would like to do is model a 16t wagon being unloaded. And also a dropsided wagon with the side down.


Perhaps I am best off adapting a kit. Anyway, future plans.







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25201 has just delivered the fuel. In a tank wagon I am not sure you would have found behind it.


I like this tank wagon. It's a TTA....But have a feeling it is out of period.  Can anyone date when it would have been seen. Late 80s 90s even?








I think perhaps the Bachmann rat will be replaced by a Sutton Locomotive Works one this year.


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47076 has arrived on the fuel point and is now stabled with two TTAs.


Looking at my fleet. I think the Heljan tubby Duff's will be replaced at some point.

I put a lot of work into all 4 of them. But they just don't quite cut it any more. Those and the Bachmann 25 will be retired.









(Playing about with different light - a few versions might appear)


The Boxchester fleet





















A 45 and two new 47s will arrive and possibly a new 25


I am now working on wagon loads and some detail as well as a Backscene for the end.







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1 hour ago, Enterprisingwestern said:


Is the layout big enough to get all of them on together?!!




Hi Mike

I probably could get them all on....

(Were you thinking of Boxchester open day,I would need to source lots of figures mind, especially yoof with flares and Adidas bags with the odd bored girlfriend thrown in)


The maximum the layout looks ok with....

Will now think on my feet, One passing on the main line, perhaps three stabled and one in the yard. So thinking of other combinations, you can get perhaps 5 locos on and keep realism. But to give it a real real feel, two or three look best.





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Made some black ends to the layout.

So it looks like this at both ends now.




Bought two small cheap canvases. I have painted them as two removable end backscenes one with a black back. This is for photography.


Not sure how they will look. But better than what is in the room.






I have started on the inside of SPAs. 

I managed to find a photograph of the inside of one. The frame at the bottom is pretty battered about in real life.


So original and my battered version.

Next stage will be paint.




That's it for today.



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Final painted end Backscene. It is as close as I can get. It will be placed at the layout ends for pictures. So will be out of focus in the background.




SPA insides coming along.




Split headcode 37 departing with 16t coal wagons.




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Hi everyone.

Well I am awaiting Heljans class 45. Before choosing between that and the Bachmann.


45003 appeals.


I have been working on my steel loads and other stuff..such as this chap caught shirking. He doesn't fancy moving those barrels as the gaffer is out of sight for 10 minutes.





A grubby lone CCT is being loaded in the yard ready for a late afternoon collection.






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New camera phone. So a couple of snaps.


Currently  weathering Bachmann 45041.


And a cargowaggon, I want to recreate a 47 hauled freight out of Dover Town Yard in the early 80s. 



47436 hurries through past the yard on the main line line.



31117 sits on the fuel point before being stabled.


My Heljan 47s are going to be retired. Eagerly awaiting the new Bachmann one. Hopefully a couple in banger blue.





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