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South Eastern Finecast 4F 0-6-0 instructions

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Hi all, 

I have picked up a South Eastern Finecast 4f kit (the new updated version) at a good price which was good. Unfortunately it is missing cab, and a few other bits. Would anyone have a set of instructions they could scan to help me order the missing parts please?


Thanks in advance



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48 minutes ago, rogerSDJR said:

Hi Duncan


Please find attached the two instructions sheets for South Eastern Finecast 4F Locomotive & Chassis.


Hope you can find what you need from these instructions.




SEF 4F Midland instructions F159 Chassis.pdf 144.47 kB · 3 downloads SEF 4F Midland instructions F159 Locomotive.pdf 192.47 kB · 3 downloads

Thanks Roger, that's very kind. As there are 2 sets of running boards, I may yet order 2 lots of the missing parts and have 2. 


Best wishes



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