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Short HYA, by Accurascale

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6 minutes ago, Graham108 said:

That first wagon doesn't look like just graffiti to me - a special colour scheme?


It is graffiti - Garfield the cat done as a FOS tag. (FOS is common on wagons around the north west)

From a couple of pages back.


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4 minutes ago, St. Simon said:



Just realised, these can’t be that far away now, can they?




Final printing and assembly is underway and has been some time now, they are expected to ship in another 4-6 weeks or so.

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2 minutes ago, Accurascale Fran said:

Hi everyone,


We have just provided an update on our HYA, IIA Biomass and cutdown HYA wagons which you can read here: https://accurascale.co.uk/blogs/news/hya-iia-and-cutdown-hya-update-october-2021


Cutdown HYAs will arrive with us in January 2022. 






Time to tag them for a show in mid-March 2022.......

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