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Chamossaire - BLS in N

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First off, my layout has appeared in public once, at Gaugemaster in 2018, and is booked for the next Swiss Railways Society AGM (whenever that might be...).


BLS stands for 'Bern - Lenk - Sion' in this case...


It is a simple layout on nothing more than a B&Q shelf board (supported on basic pop up (choice of three heigh settings) lightweight tables.


I am a big enthusiast of freight railways, and wanted to replicate the way freights get looped at the approaches to major tunnel awaiting a path. My original idea was for a Grand St Bernard tunnel but I realised that if the tunnel was internal to Switzerland I could run Swiss internal IC trains. Thus I came up with the idea that a line was built beyond Lenk (Zweisimmen - Lenk having been often considered for relaying to 1435mm gauge) under the Wildhorn massif, coming out between Sierre and Sion. Sion is a regional capital so befits being the terminus of trains from Bern, but it is imagined that the axis continued south west of Sion to the Grand St Bernard, so justifying the use of Italian and German stock on through trains eg Hamburg - Torino - Genova  





chamossaire - 1.jpg

chamossaire - 3.jpg

chamossaire - 4.jpg

chamossaire - 5.jpg

chamossaire - 6.jpg

chamossaire - 7.jpg

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I think that is terrific - it has just the right look and feel to it.


Would love to see that - had plans to be at the AGM, maybe next time......

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I should have added that it is 100% Kato Unitrack, taking advantage of Kato's double track sections, superelevated double track curves etc (blended in with scenics and additional Kato ballast where necessary). The 'plug and play' simplicity of Unitrack means that the whole layout including fiddle yard of at least (because Unitrack fiddle yards can be easily modified) 4 tracks each way is powered - with all isolation achieved using the points - by just one feed on each loop, connected to the up and down main just inside the tunnel entrance

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