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A few years ago now I purchased a vinyl cutter from a friend and really got to grips with using it and had looked at the prospect of cutting plastikard. Whilst looking at this I came across an interesting video filmed by Everard Junction which introduced me to the concept of a machine cutter, and particularly the Cricut Maker. I was so impressed with its cutting capability I felt I could do allot with this. I looked at the other options including Silhouette Cameo etc and what really sold me with the maker was its ability to cut thicker materials with its deep cut knife blade. Having this ability meant that I could cut a building from start to finish with one machine and the time it saved would be extremely valuable. I can now produce buildings more quickly and accurately than I have ever been able to previously. I am currently building a large amount of buildings for my Dads loft layout who is now getting on and time is of the essence. Any way I digress, I waited for the price to drop a little and In February all the Cricut Machines were on sale at HobbyCraft the price dropping from £380 to £330, with the £50 drop in mind this made the cutter a far more in my mind acceptable price. 


Fast forward a couple of Days and it arrived a massive Hobby craft box containing the machine and the accessories that I had order. I was excited and coundnt help but have a play. I began making simple cut outs like birthday cards etc and I have to admit the process was quite addictive making a design and then it cuting it out in front of me. Initially I was only using the Tablet or my mobile phone to do the designs which works fine, but there are a few little Niggles in the android apps. If you are going to buy one of these I would advise that you run your designs through the desktop software, which you will need Windows 8 and above for. The other and probably main reason you should run it through your dektop is that the Deep Cut Knife Blade will only work through the desktop software. 


My first model building project using the Cricut is now well under way of a Leslie Green Underground station for the London based model in my dads loft, I have used it to cut the mount board card inner first and then the plastikard skins of various sizes from 0.25mm to 1.00mm I have cut the windows from matt white vinyl stuck on acetate with plastikard reliefs. The final construction is supported with Balsa wood supports. It is still ongoing and will hopefully keep you updated.


So my question to you, is have you got a Cricut/ Silhouette cutter and what are your current projects and if you have any tips you'd be willing to share?


Cheers Joe






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Just bought SWMBO a Cricut Maker 3 for her birthday. Buildings required for the new layout… although nowt as fancy as yours! Will let you know how I get on although layout has to be built first….

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