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ID help for this P-Way Train

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Photo taken of this train in Woking yard in the early 1980s by a friend’s father.




The question is what is it?


It looks like a rail grinding train (Speno?) but Google images drew a blank.  It has an Eastern European look about it.


Can anyone identify it?









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2 hours ago, The Stationmaster said:

You wouldn't if you to run a fleet of the bl**dy things ;)

I used to quite like driving the old BR sherpas, the noise of those diesel engines was a very british late 80s sound 

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I spent a while working near-enough-to-hear the guy who ran the southern region van fleet at HQ. A Yorkshireman, not much above 5ft tall, and incredibly loud-voiced.


His tag line, which always came out when someone had pranged a vehicle was: "Next time that man wants transport, give 'im a fooking bike!" (please imagine broad Yorkshire accent).

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If you will forgive me for 'blowing my own trumpet', I did my best to photograph it comprehensively when parked in Eastbourne Goods Yard in 1987:




Scoll to the second page of photos.  Hope this is of help if you were thinking of modelling it!

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