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This is how I got to whereabouts I am today - Video (S)

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Hello all,


We moved house when we retired. I'd started another 10 footer. Made a little room at the back of the garage. It wasn't long enough for the layout, I did take it to some shows. At the one I went to in Crewe, Bob Hughes very kindly recommended me to a guy who'd made a back scene. He said I could have it in exchange for some pics, this is one of them.



I'd been looking at Carl Arendts site and like the idea of his challenge, to make a layout in 4 sq ft or less with a reason for being, the fiddle yard could be separate. I took the above to the Ilkeston show in early2009 gave it to the club and left it there.


And said I would be back in 2010 with a micro, and here's a video of wot I dun.



Best in full screen


I made this using two cameras, at the front an old Panasonic GH1 with Mr L.Powells super reliability hack and an even older Canon video camera on the fiddle yard. Joined up and rendered with Cyberlink PD14 at 1.6 GB. Reduced in Handbrake to 270k and loaded to YT.


Two more videos to come very soon.


Cheers - Jim

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Hi Jim


Smashing O Gauge micro layout and most inspirational.


I look forward to the continuing story with a look at layout number 2 & 3 in the not to distant future.


I’m on the verge of dipping my toe into the water with 0 Gauge so a very timely video.





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Hello Terry,


Thanks for your lovely comment I'm delighted.

I do hope you have a go at O you'll be delighted as well.


Cheers - Jim

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That's a great video Jim full of interest, hints and tips.

I too like the micro idea but I find I keep adding point work to accomplish shunting moves which can be done as you so aptly demonstrate with Moxley.

I enjoy reading Carl's info plus the operations shown with other Inglenook plans.


The other benefits with the micro layouts are that they can be built more quickly however I'm still trying to complete my first layout in 0 gauge.

My progress towards micro has been from unfinished 15ft to 10ft nearly finished down to 8ft on the back of a beer mat stage.  I do so want to get down even smaller preferably to 4 - 6 ft but cant quite convince myself smaller will be interesting enough, your layout workings prove that they can be.


Looking forward to watching and learning from your future videos.




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Hello Barnaby,


Many thanks for your comment good of you to explain at length your O Gauge raison d'être. It's always very interesting to hear how people approach a subject.


When I made my first one I was surprised how interesting it was to operate. It was the addition of the loco release that did it which takes it a fair old way from the inglenook.


I doodle layout plans on odd bits of paper and work out the movements in my head. If I can see them all in a few seconds then it will be boring to operate.


This assumes that ones interest actually lies in operating rather than a little bit of track and lots of buildings and scenery. We all like different things. I've never got over the absolute control I can get from my card locos and a homemade controller.


I'm sure your post has encouraged people to make a start.


Cheers and thanks - Jim

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